A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 342

With this step, Qiu Mucheng naturally saw the gap between Ye Fan and Sun Yuhao. At that time, they won’t believe it, so Qiu Mucheng won’t be impressed by Sun Yuhao’s personality charm?
However, at this moment, Ye Fan, who bowed his head while drinking tea, suddenly smiled.
“Why are you laughing?”
When Sun Yuhao was proud, Ye Fan’s laughter undoubtedly made him extremely unhappy.
It’s as if the tiger was stepped on its tail.
What he hates most is being laughed at for his ideals, which is to look down on his Sun Yuhao.
Just like Ye Fan now, the laughter at this time felt like a mockery no matter how he heard it.
“Smelly boy, speak!” Sun Yuhao drank again.
Ye Fan didn’t want to say anything, but when he saw Sun Yuhao’s request, he simply said, “Sun Shao, in fact, I didn’t laugh at all. I just hope that Sun Shao will not be too ambitious. It is better to be a down-to-earth person.”
“Who is Mr. Chu?”
“That is the star in the sky, the moon in the water, it is destined to be a person that is difficult to reach in your life.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“He is romantic and suave, he is handsome, he is superb.”
“His talents are unmatched, and his power is unmatched.”
“This kind of idol-like existence, don’t say that ten or twenty years will give you thirty, fifty, or even a lifetime to pursue, but you are still far behind!”
“Even his toes are hard to reach for you~”
Ye Fan’s faint laughter, with a kind of arrogance that dominates the world, slowly echoed here.
If Chen Nan was here, he would have been smiling and bend over, he would definitely think that his Xiao Fan brother was really shameless, and Wang Po sold melons to boast.
It’s really shameless to praise yourself for being suave and handsome!
However, Ye Fan’s face was not red and heartbeat, just like a okay person, and he didn’t feel ashamed.
It was originally.
Boasting about yourself in front of your wife?
what happened? ! !
Isn’t this normal?
It is also beneficial to enhance the relationship between husband and wife and increase personal charm.
Ye Fan didn’t feel blush anyway.
But hearing Ye Fan’s words, Sun Yuhao no doubt exploded in an instant.
With a snap, he scolded the table and stood up.
“You redneck, dare you look down on me?”
“What right do you have to despise me here!”
“A door-to-door son-in-law, country dick, what kind of thing do you dare to talk to me like this?”
“You are a waste of yourself, don’t think that others are also useless like you.”
“Things you dare not think, I dare to think!”
“What you can’t do, my Sun Yuhao will definitely be able to do it!”
“You will never catch up with Mr. Chu in your life, but I can.”
“You country dick, who gave you the courage to despise me here?”
Sun Yuhao was furious, and his words were torrential, like a stone falling to the ground. The words of anger echoed loudly in the restaurant.
The stern and angry gaze was just like a sword, looking at Ye Fan wishing to cut him alive.
What he hates most is people who laugh at his ideals.
What’s more, Ye Fan still brushed his face in public, and in front of Qiu Mucheng, how could Sun Yuhao bear it?
“Speaking, Yuhao, what do you mean to cut in?”
“You are a rural turtle, if it weren’t for Yuhao to say it today, do you know Mr. Chu?”
“It’s still in a huffing tone. I don’t know. Do you think you are Mr. Chu himself?” Han Li also scolded angrily, sneered.
“Auntie, I said long ago not to let him eat together.”
“The light is causing trouble here.”
“Just let him forget it, so that we can’t eat anymore!” Han Feifei was also angry with Ye Fan.

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