A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 348

However, upon hearing Han Li’s words, Peng Zhenhua’s old eyes suddenly widened, his old face was extremely green, and finally he even cursed: “Seiao!”
“What are you talking about?”
“The bottle of wine I gave, you didn’t let him drink it?”
“Yes, Director Peng. That is the wine you gave us, and it is so precious, of course we cherish it. A lowly countryman like him, drinking it is a waste of it, and it is even more disappointing to the manager’s heart.” –
Han Li was still talking there.
Manager Peng was almost crying, but his heart was dripping blood.
These two bottles of wine are both collection-grade wines that he has collected as a treasure for more than ten years. This kind of wine is not something that money can buy at all, it is completely priceless.
But in order to curry favor with Ye Fan, Manager Peng also fought.
But Peng Zhenhua didn’t expect to be killed. With all his painstaking efforts, he even fed the dog. Ye Fan didn’t drink a bite and was ruined by the group of turtles in front of him.
“I’ve been a dog!”
“Seiao~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Peng Zhenhua’s face turned black at the time, and ten thousand grass-mud horses galloped past.
But with so many guests around him watching, he finally resisted his anger and didn’t scold the bastards in front of him. He turned his head and left.
“Hey, Mr. Peng, don’t go, you haven’t left us with this wine, why did you take it away?” Han Li was obviously still thinking about the bottle of wine in Peng Zhenhua’s hand, got up and chased it, and reached out to go. Grab the wine in Peng Zhenhua’s hand.
She is going to take this wine home, and she will find a way to sell it in the future, and it will definitely sell for a lot of money.
“Take you to paralysis!”
“Go away~”
“You stupid girl, it would be nice if I didn’t smoke you, and still have the face to ask for wine with me?”
“I really thought this wine was for your group of turtles 642dc536.”
“Without the little gentleman, you guys are a shit!”
Peng Zhenhua cursed angrily, wishing to kick the turtles to death.
He let it go for almost ten years, and he didn’t want to drink it with one bite. In the end, he actually made these guys cheaper. No one is angry. Without kicking them, Peng Zhenhua had the best demeanor at this time, but I didn’t expect these shameless things to still miss the bottle in his hand?
Naturally, Peng Zhenhua couldn’t bear it, and he pushed Han Li aside, cursing and leaving.
Han Li and the others were all dumbfounded.
What’s going on?
Just now, his attitude was good, and he looked like a slave respectfully. Why did this suddenly change?
Dare to push her?
“You are so bold!”
“Young Master Sun is my son-in-law, you are a cheap merchant, dare to push me?”
“Yuhao, go, let the old man apologize to me!”
Han Li’s face was blue and full of anger, she only felt ashamed.
Qiulei still held her back: “Okay, let’s just say a few words. I really thought it was my own house. Moreover, Yuhao is not our son-in-law yet. After our daughter really marries Yuhao, you will play again. It’s not too late to let Manager Peng apologize to you with prestige.”
Qiulei repeatedly persuaded.
In his opinion, Peng Zhenhua respects only Sun Yuhao from their table. Like others, Peng Zhenhua can’t see it and his eyes are normal.
Under Qiu Lei’s persuasion, Han Li finally endured it.
But this meal is obviously not enough.
“That’s it for today, Qiulei, you go and settle the accounts.” Han Li deliberately said loudly, but when she spoke, her eyes were secretly looking at Sun Yuhao.
“Mom, Dad, I’ll treat this meal as a treat. In the future, I hope the second elder will help me say something in front of Mucheng.”
Sure enough, as Han Li expected, Sun Yuhao certainly would not let Qiulei and the others pay the bill.
“How embarrassed then~” Han Li also pretended to refuse.
A few people talked and laughed, and soon arrived at the cash register.
“Miss, the table by the window, let’s settle the bill.” Sun Yuhao said as he took out a credit card from his wallet and was ready to swipe it.
The customer service at the front desk smiled, and then said: “Sir, you spend tonight, total…”
When Sun Yuhao heard it, his old face was twitched and he was shocked.

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