A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 349

“How much did you say we ate?”
In Haiyuan Pavilion, Sun Yuhao was a little confused, but frowned and asked the waiter at the front desk again.
The waiter still showed his white teeth, with a professional smile, and said again: “Hello sir, you spent a total of 693,600 yuan this time, do you have any questions?”
At first Sun Yuhao thought he had heard it wrong, but when he heard the waiter’s words again, Sun Yuhao was confused.
“Sixty ninety thousand?”
“You guys are kidding me!”
“Only those dishes cost tens of thousands of yuan. Where did you get the 690,000 yuan?”
“Although I have money, Sun Yuhao is not fooled by you.”
Sun Yuhao was impatient at the time.
Although this Haiyuan Pavilion is a high-end restaurant, he hasn’t been to a high-end restaurant. Back then, he spent more than 70,000 yuan to entertain a municipal leader with his father, but he never thought that today he You actually ate nearly 700,000? Remember to read in one second
“I’ll go to Nima!”
“The manager, let you manager come over.”
“I’m asking, did he greet me, this distinguished guest?”
“Take me as a fool? I really think I am a fool, Sun Yuhao, and I have a lot of money!” Sun Yuhao’s face was full of sullenness. No one would not be angry about being treated as a fool.
However, Han Li calmly said at this time: “Yuhao, it’s okay. It’s only 690,000, and if you get a discount, it’s only more than 60,000.”
“You forgot, Manager Peng just agreed to give us a discount.”
Han Li’s words reminded Sun Yuhao.
“Yes, it’s 690,000 from 690,000, and get a discount of 60,000.” Although it is a bit more expensive within 100,000, at least Sun Yuhao can accept it.
But the waiter was puzzled: “Discount?”
“Sorry sir, we have no discount activities today.”
“Fuck Nima shit!”
“You are a waiter who knows ecda4ed9 farts, don’t hesitate to call your manager.”
“Tell him that Mr. Sun is here to pay, and let him come down to meet him.” Han Li suddenly cursed.
At this moment, Peng Zhenhua just came down to pick up something. Hearing Han Li’s words, he raised his brows: “Who is looking for me?”
“Manager, these are the guests. I don’t want to pay for the meal, so we have to give them a discount.” Seeing Peng Zhenhua, the front desk clerk said suddenly.
Han Li obviously noticed Peng Zhenhua who came by at this time, and said coldly, with arrogance in her tone: “Mr. Peng, you are here just right. This Mr. Sun is my son-in-law, and our family will eat dinner tonight. Yes, since you know my son-in-law, as we said before, you don’t have to give us a waiver, just give us a discount. Just treat it as a gift for me and my son-in-law. Don’t worry. My son-in-law and I will remember your favor.”
Han Li thought that Peng Zhenhua disrespect her just now because she didn’t know she was Sun Yuhao’s mother-in-law. So this time, as soon as they met, Han Li revealed her identity.
“Mr. Sun? Which Mr. Sun?” Peng Zhenhua raised his eyebrows. Just now, he heard Han Li and the others keep talking about Mr. Sun and Mr. Sun. Could it be that the young man who was driven away by them had the last name “Sun”?
“Which Mr. Sun?”
“Naturally it is your respect, Mr. Sun Yuhao Sun, who gave the wine respectfully, is also my son-in-law.” Han Li raised her chin, proudly speaking, and pointed her hand to the side Sun Yuhao while speaking.
At this time, Sun Yuhao also showed a touch of arrogance on his face: “Manager Peng, hello.”
“Good your sister, good!”
“Who am I then?”
“So you are Mr. Sun?”
“You’re a fart!”
“Also let me respect it? Are you worthy of you?” Peng Zhenhua was happy then.

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