A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 351

Just now, Sun Yuhao has read the list of consumption.
The tea cup in Ye Fan’s hand that Han Li smashed alone was worth 80,000 yuan.
Sun Yuhao didn’t think Peng Zhenhua was wronging them, after all, he had come into contact with this kind of tea set. Both the teapot and the teacup are fired in the same furnace, and the color is exactly the same. The more important thing is that the pattern on each piece of this tea set is implicated and can form a complete pattern.
Now that one was broken by Han Li, like a crack on a rare blue and white porcelain, the rarity of this tea set is naturally greatly reduced.
To ruin one is equivalent to ruining a set.
It is not outrageous that Peng Zhenhua made them pay 80,000 yuan.
Of course, the most expensive bottle is the classic wine.
That one bottle alone reached more than 400,000 f6031d88.
All these counts add up to more than 600,000?
Therefore, after seeing the consumption list, Sun Yuhao could only accept it.
But he secretly vowed that he would never take Han Li, a wicked lady, out for dinner even if he was killed. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Even if he really married Qiu Mucheng in the future, he would have to stay away from Han Li.
Never live under the same roof with this kind of strange flower.
But when Han Li and others were trapped in Haiyuan Pavilion, Ye Fan went to the hospital to accompany Qiu Mucheng.
Fortunately, Han Hai delivered it in time, and the symptoms of alcoholism were not serious. The doctor treated it for a while and took some medicine. After a nap, it would be fine.
“Uncle, is he okay?”
In the ward, Qiu Mucheng was still accompanied by the bed, Ye Fan stepped forward and asked with a chuckle.
“Hmph, you are still embarrassed to laugh.”
“My uncle is like this, you didn’t get it by you.” Qiu Mucheng glared at Ye Fan, angrily.
Ye Fan spread his hands and looked innocent: “Mucheng, you can’t blame me for this.”
“It’s all my uncle who is pouring me wine, and I drink it with me.”
“Who knows that uncle is so rigid, he can drink himself alcohol poisoning.” Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.
“Okay, just shut up. When my mom and Feifei come, you’re ready to get scolded.” Qiu Mucheng also knew that Ye Fan could not be blamed for this matter, everything was Han Hai’s fault.
But she knew what it was. As long as Han Hai was lying here, Ye Fan would inevitably be scolded.
“Just curse, I’m used to it anyway.”
“As long as my wife understands me.” Ye Fan smiled faintly, with a broken jar, as if he didn’t care about the coming abuse.
The room suddenly became quiet, and the dim light flickered.
Qiu Mucheng stood by the bed while Ye Fan was standing next to Qiu Mucheng leaning on the table.
Neither of them spoke, only the wind outside the window blew gently.
Han Hai is still asleep, and seeing that, he will definitely not wake up if it doesn’t dawn.
It was a rare opportunity to be alone with Ye Fan. Qiu Mucheng sighed quietly while dragging her cheeks that were reddened by alcohol.
“Ye Fan, you said it would be great if we have a house of our own.”
“In that case, you don’t have to endure the scolding of your parents and the constant quarreling all day long.”
“Just the two of us, how great.”
Maybe she was really drunk, it is rare for Qiu Mucheng to show her heart to Ye Fan as she does now.
Ye Fan listened, and the corners of his mouth suddenly burst into a smile: “Two people? I don’t think so.”
“Huh? That’s not good, do you hope that my mother will not be able to scold you all day?” Qiu Mucheng was a little frustrated, thinking that Ye Fan this bastard really didn’t know good or bad, and he didn’t appreciate it because of him.
“I’m not talking about this, I’m saying that two are not good. It’s best to have a few litters of big fat boys. It’s really good if your wife and children are hot on the bed.”

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