A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 352

Ye Fan was still talking, but Qiu Mucheng was already blushing and pretty, she picked up the pillow from the next hospital bed and slammed it at Ye Fan.
“Hmph, go to hell you!”
“Who gives your wife and kids hot kang head?”
“Also a nest?”
“Dream you!”
“No one will give birth to you~”
“Minato shameless!”
Qiu Mucheng cursed in shame.
Under the dim light, Qiu Mucheng’s red and shy face was so charming, even the sweet-scented osmanthus blooming outside the window lowered her head in embarrassment.
For a moment, Ye Fan almost had an impulse, the impulse to step forward and hold this charming woman in his arms.
Moreover, he really did. Remember to read in one second
What was even more surprising was that Qiu Mucheng didn’t resist, let alone dodge, her slightly drunk pretty face with a charming fragrance, she watched Ye Fan’s embrace step by step.
However, at this moment, Qiu Mucheng’s mobile phone rang suddenly.
This abrupt voice undoubtedly caused Qiu Mucheng to wake up instantly, her pretty face flushed even more, and she hurriedly avoided Ye Fan’s embrace before answering the phone.
“Mucheng, come and save mom, mom has been detained.”
“Mom, don’t cry, tell me what happened?” Qiu Mucheng was shocked, her face pale in a moment.
Finally, Han Li cried and talked about it for a long time before Qiu Mucheng knew the situation.
f4e09ab1 “Seven hundred thousand?”
“My God, what did you eat?” Qiu Mucheng was shocked when she heard this number.
With guilt, Han Li whispered, “I didn’t eat anything, just smashed a tea set and drank a bottle of good wine…”
Soon, Qiu Mucheng hung up angrily.
“What’s wrong, Mucheng?” Ye Fan was curious, not knowing what happened.
“Don’t say it, I’m so angry. You dare to believe that my mother ate 700,000 for dinner?”
“I don’t care. If they have the ability to eat, they will pay it back. I can’t pay so much money anyway.” Qiu Mucheng trembled with anger.
After Ye Fan heard it, he was immediately happy.
He had almost guessed the whole story.
It is estimated that the wine from Haiyuan Pavilion was charged for them.
This is an easy thing to guess. That wine is a good wine. Peng Zhenhua only gave such a good wine because of his relationship with Ye Fanla.
As a result, Ye Fan’s flattery was not photographed, and instead let Han Li and the others drink it. More importantly, Han Li and the others drove Ye Fan away.
If Ye Fan is not there, Peng Zhenhua will not be polite. He will charge as much money as he should. Sun Yuhao and the others couldn’t get it out for a while, so they were naturally detained.
But this is not to blame others, it is purely their own fault.
Originally, Ye Fan wanted to accompany them to pay the money together. For his face, even if the Haiyuan Pavilion director is unavoidable, a one or two discount is definitely no problem, and he won’t charge for alcohol.
But there is no way, who made Han Li and the others drive Ye Fan away, now that they are eating their own evil results, who can be blamed?
In the end, Han Li and his wife, Sun Yuhao and Han Feifei were imprisoned overnight in Haiyuan Pavilion. It was not until the next day that Sun Yuhao found someone to punch the money into the card, and the four of them returned home in disgrace.
However, after losing such a big person tonight, Sun Yuhao had no face to stay at Qiu Mucheng’s house anymore, so he went out to stay in the hotel.
As for Han Hai, he did not wake up until the next night.
When I opened my eyes and saw Ye Fan again, Han Hai’s face was flushed, and he couldn’t say a word of shame.
I wanted to drink Ye Fan wine, but Ye Fan didn’t have anything to do. Instead, he drank alcohol poisoning and went to the hospital.
This is so shameful to think about it!
After waking up, Han Hai, like Sun Yuhao, stayed in a hotel outside.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and they have to prepare for the business, so naturally they have no intention of helping Sun Yuhao pick up sister.
Yes, this time he and Sun Yuhao came to Yunzhou to see Qiu Mucheng as secondary, and the most important thing was the Yunzhou auction on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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