A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 353

After Han Hai and the others left, the life of Qiu Mucheng’s family has undoubtedly returned to the usual peace in the past few days. In the evening, Han Li often mumbled a few words at home, complaining about the Haiyuan Pavilion’s general manager routine that day.
“Return Haiyuange Manager, really dirty heart, in order to sell the bottle of wine, I even pretended to know Yuhao, and pretended to be a respectful delivery of wine and food. The routine is really deep. One pit pitted us nearly 700,000. ”
“What kind of shit high-end restaurant, I think it’s a cheating restaurant.”
About the Haiyuan Pavilion banquet that night, Han Li feels aggrieved now thinking about it.
She was slapped like a silly pen, and she paid for the wine she sent, and she lost so much money by hitting a broken teacup. The discounts she had said before were all lie, and what’s even worse, They were not happy to give them money tomorrow, and finally detained them in the restaurant for one night.
Han Li has never been so embarrassed in her life.
“You said, Yuhao has so much money for a meal, how does Yuhao think of me?”
“Do you think that we are people who have not counted in our hearts and therefore have a bad impression of us?”
When eating at night, Han Li was full of worries.
Qiulei comforted: “It’s okay, 700,000 yuan is a huge sum of money for us, but Yuhao’s family is rich, and it won’t be a bad impression on us because of this small amount~”
The old couple comforted themselves, afraid that the golden tortoise in hand would run away. First URL m.
Qiu Mucheng listened to her parents, but she was speechless, she didn’t hear it, and she didn’t bother to interrupt.
As for Ye Fan, he also ate silently, but he felt funny in his heart.
He obviously didn’t expect that the restaurant manager Peng Zhenhua was also a ruthless person. Seeing that he was not there, he actually asked Sun Yuhao and the others for so much money, and finally detained them directly.
“It is estimated that Sun Yuhao, he was ashamed to be lost at home~”
Ye Fan smiled to himself.
But even now, it seems that Han Li and the others have not figured out what happened that day.
They only thought that Peng Zhenhua was doing their tricks. First, they pretended to know Sun Yuhao, and then gave the wine on this excuse. After they drank the wine, they refused to accept the bill and directly charged the fee.
“This is special, the routine is really deep!”
“How shrewd our old couple are, they are also being tricked around~” Qiu Lei sighed for a while, only feeling that the people in the city are too deep.
Ye Fan listened from the side, only smiling and not saying anything.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng seemed to see Ye Fan’s gloating smile, she immediately stared, and whispered: “Laughing at peat! Have a good meal, and then go to the mall to buy things with me.”
“Yes, wife!” Ye Fan agreed very readily.
Now that the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, Qiu Mucheng naturally has to buy something for the family.
Exactly half an hour ago, Qiu Mucheng’s best friend Susie called and asked Qiu Mucheng to go to the mall at night, and even asked Qiu Mucheng to take Ye Fan with her.
Of course, Ye Fan wouldn’t think that Qiu Mucheng’s best friend had just taken the initiative to call him a hurry when he saw him. He knew very well that this special lady was asking himself to do some hard work and give them something.
But Ye Fan didn’t care about them either, and readily agreed.
After all, it is not a matter of course for a husband to mention something to his wife.
Ye Fan is naturally obliged!
Soon, not long after the meal, Susie’s car went downstairs in the community, and then Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan went to the mall together.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is getting closer.
Nowadays, all the big stores are filled with the atmosphere of the upcoming festival.

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