A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 355

“Ye Fan, you bastard!”
“What do you mean?”
“Why, do you look down on this lady and think this lady is whimsical?”
Ye Fan’s behavior undoubtedly completely angered Susie.
Susie was trembling with anger, her pretty face flushed, and she yelled at Ye Fan directly.
“With this door-to-door son-in-law who has no money and power, what right do you have to laugh at me?”
“You wait. Sooner or later, when I marry Mr. Chu, I will hold Mr. Chu’s hand and slap you in the face.”
“I’m so angry~”
“Mucheng, look at your good husband.”
Susie said angrily, angrily like a cat blowing up her fur.
She never expected that Ye Fan, a countryman, would dare to laugh at his ideals. Remember to read in one second
Ye Fan knew that he was misunderstood, so he quickly explained: “You misunderstood, I didn’t mean that.”
“Then what do you mean?”
“I just finished saying that I want to marry Mr. Chu, you just reacted like that.”
“If you didn’t look down on me and think that Mr. Chu looks down on me, what else could it be?” Susie flushed with anger and yelled at Ye Fan viciously.
Ye Fan was full of bitterness. Knowing that he might have stabbed a hornet’s nest, he quickly said something nice: “Miss Su, you really misunderstood. I don’t think you are worthy of Mr. Chu, but Mr. Chu is not worthy of you. ”
“You see that you are born with stunning talents, young and beautiful, and Mr. Chu may be a forty or fifty-year-old old man and little old man. You said an old thing, how can you be worthy of such a young and beautiful young woman?”
In order to dispel Susie’s thoughts, Ye Fan also tried his best, and started to black out herself.
However, Susie’s eyebrows were firm: “What happened to the old man?”
“Old men are more attractive and know how to hurt people, so I like old ones. Is it your QQ business?”
“I…I…” Ye Fan was shocked and wanted to speak.
“You…what you are, you can shut up! Hearing what you say is annoying!” Because of this matter, Susie’s attitude towards Ye Fan is obviously worse, and she feels annoying to see him.
“Oh, I’m so annoying, I won’t go shopping.”
“Mucheng, let’s go and drink milk tea.”
Susie had no interest in visiting the mall after Ye Fan was so disturbed, she went to a water bar next to the mall to drink milk tea after checking out.
“Cici, did you come to the mall to buy things too?”
“Quick, come and sit together,”
Susie did not expect that as soon as she entered the door, she saw several women sitting in the water bar with large bags and small bags and drinking coffee talking and laughing.
These women, all dressed up and dressed up, all dressed in famous brands, look like that, they are not rich daughters or wealthy wives.
Moreover, Ye Fan found that the things they bought were not less than Susie, and there were even special entourages standing by to mention things.
“Yeah, Mrs. Lin, it’s a coincidence that I can meet them all here.”
Susie smiled enthusiastically, but her heart felt helpless.
How did you meet them?
“Cici, are they your relatives?” At this moment, Qiu Mucheng looked at the ladies in front of them, but asked in confusion.
Susie explained in a low voice: “What kind of relatives are my dad, my brother, and their business friends. The one who talked to me is called Han Wenxue, who looks very young, maybe not as old as the two of us. . But they have great skills. The junior is in the top position. She is married to the boss of a certain company and a little old man in his fifties. She often accompanies her husband to dinner with my dad. My dad called me during the last dinner. Going to accompany the wine, you will naturally meet.”
“It’s all a group of vanity women, you can be careful in a while.”

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