A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 36

“No, I have a lot of high-heeled shoes at home, so I don’t need it.” Qiu Mucheng replied with a smile, but the words were extremely lacking in confidence.
“Really, I guess the shoes in your house combined are not as good as these red soles.” Lin Qian snorted disdainfully, her eyebrows full of superiority.
Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Mucheng, how beautiful you were at school back then?
Now I am not stepped on by Lin Qian.
To blame, blame you for marrying the wrong person and finding a waste.
Lin Qian raised her chin high, from the beginning to the end, she put a high-level look in front of Qiu Mucheng, and she always regarded herself as an upper-class person. Naturally look down upon ordinary people like Qiu Mucheng.
Soon, people began to bid in the hall.
The sound of bidding one after another, the price of that pair of high heels is gradually increasing.
However, most of the bidders are young men and women. Most of these people are dudes who want to please their girlfriends. Older ones are undoubtedly more mature and stable, but rarely bid for bids. Even if there were, after one or two prices were offered, the price had already exceeded psychological expectations, so they stopped chasing after the auction. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Therefore, after a short period of bidding, only two voices remained in the hall at this time.
One is naturally Lin Qian’s husband Wang Yu.
This Wang Yu also tried hard to find face for his wife. After the price was topped up to 600,000, he still clenched his teeth.
“Sixty-five thousand!” Wang Yu bid with a placard.
The other bidder is also a couple, but the man obviously doesn’t have much enthusiasm.
“My dear, why don’t you chase it. Now that the premium is too high, even if you buy it, it is a loss of money. If my dad knows that I am over 600,000 and buy a pair of high heels, I will be killed. This man is different from Wang Yu. Wang Yu is now considered a successful career and his economy is already independent. And he is a rich second-generation, his father spent all the money, of course, he has a guilty conscience, now he is almost begging for mercy to his girlfriend.
“I don’t care, they want it~”
“I want a pair of high heels!”
Beside him, the woman wearing revealing heavy make-up acted like a baby. The man couldn’t help but gritted his teeth and bid again: “Six hundred and one hundred thousand!”
“Whoever increases the price, these red soles and high-heeled shoes belong to him. This young master will not accompany him anymore.”
The rich second generation’s remarks were obviously addressed to Wang Yu, and this strategy of retreating for progress is also very witty. If it is someone else, it is estimated that he will not be robbed.
But Wang Yu is bound to win, and he still makes a bold bid: “615,000!”
“This brother is really generous!”
“The gentleman doesn’t win the love of others, this “red sole” belongs to you.” The rich second generation smiled frankly, and these few words are also very grand.
Wang Yu nodded and smiled, but the whole person behaved calmly, as if these six hundred thousand were just small money for him.
“My husband is great!”
“I love you so much~”
Seeing the last opponent also gave up, Lin Qian suddenly lost her joy at this time, and then threw a scream of joy into Wang Yu’s arms.
“It’s just a little money.”
“Qianqian, I said that Wang Yu will give you the best in the world.”
“What white jade hairpin is just a second-hand color that she has used. How can it be worthy of my Wang Yu’s woman. Only this limited edition “Queen’s Shoes” can truly match your nobleness.”
Wang Yu said lightly, with arrogance in his eyes.
And Lin Qian was also full of pride and pride in the man who hugged her tightly.
This is her Lin Qian’s man?
Only such a man can match her Lin Qian!
Feeling everyone’s gaze, Lin Qian’s vanity was undoubtedly greatly satisfied at this moment. Finally, she looked at Qiu Mucheng proudly at the side: “Mucheng, sorry, I know you like these high heels too, because of our relationship, I should have given you it as a gift. But my husband said nothing. , This pair of high heels is tailor-made for me, its nobility and elegance, it is not suitable for you.
“Why not? I think the high heels you are wearing are also old. I will give you the pair on my feet. There are also tens of thousands of dollars in the famous brand counters, enough to buy dozens of pairs on your feet.”

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