A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 364

But Ye Fan turned a deaf ear to everything.
He just squatted there, quietly picking up the packages that were knocked over by Jin Bao, completely ignoring Jin Bao’s words.
Jin Bao suddenly became more panic, and he almost cried out: “Mr. Chu, don’t be like this, you have to be punished, you say something~”
Ye Fan remained silent.
Seeing that Jin Bao was so scared that he was about to cry, Ye Fan just got up and patted Jin Bao on the shoulder: “Forgot my previous instructions? Still have to be a calm person.”
“Remember, be a calm person, be a kind person, and be a person who smiles often.” Jin Bao turned down like garlic and said again and again.
Ye Fan nodded: “Very well, it seems you still remember it.”
“However, your second master’s methods are quite high today. He didn’t ask me to be moved at the auction, so he let my wife press me. This little clever is a good one. Go back and tell you second master, this person is smarter Good thing, but I am afraid of being too smart.”
“I should have punished you, but seeing that my wife is very happy to receive the admission ticket, that’s fine.
Ye Fan said lightly, but Jin Bao was almost shocked by the side, and his body was trembling.
He didn’t expect that the second master’s mind would be seen through by Mr. Chu. Remember to read in one second
Fortunately, Mr. Chu is not angry, otherwise he is afraid that he will have to fall here today.
“Okay, let’s go.”
Ye Fan didn’t embarrass them, waved his hand, and let them go.
“By the way, I almost forgot, did you see the woman named Han Whatxue just now?”
“She provokes my wife, do you know what to do?”
Ye Fan smiled and said lightly.
Jin Bao nodded immediately: “Mr. Chu, don’t worry, I will report this to my second master immediately after I go back. The result will definitely satisfy Mr. Chu.”
Soon, Jin Bao and others also left.
Ye Fan also went to the parking lot to find Qiu Mucheng and went home together.
“Why is it so slow, why did you go?” Qiu Mucheng asked Ye Fan.
Ye Fan chuckled, “It’s okay, I’ve got a little trouble, and everything is solved.”
Qiu Mucheng gave a hmm without asking carefully, and then said lightly: “You should have time on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival. Come out with me.”
“Yes, there must be. It’s a big deal to be with your wife, you have to squeeze if you don’t have time.” Ye Fan said with a smile.
Susie on the side snorted: “You fellow, do you know where Mucheng is taking you?”
“In that place, how many people can’t ask for it, you are so dazzled by Mucheng!”
“But Mucheng really doesn’t understand you, are you really taking him?”
“He is a poor ghost in the country, an incompetent son-in-law, you are not afraid to shame you if you take it.”
Susie shook her head for a while, she only felt that giving the admission ticket to someone like Ye Fan was a violent thing.
“I really don’t know what blessings this poor boy has accumulated in his previous life. In this life, he has gone shit luck and married you to Mucheng?”
Susie sighed again and again, but Qiu Mucheng let her say a few words less.
“Talk less, why talk less?”
“You have to let this hillbilly know that you are covered in great light.”
“Otherwise, he doesn’t have any points in his heart, and I don’t know how to appreciate you.” Susie replied angrily.
Ye Fan just listened from the sidelines, smiling.
I am afraid that Susie and the others would never have thought that Li Lao Er sent the admission ticket to Qiu Mucheng, completely directed at Ye Fan.
If it weren’t for Ye Fan, don’t say the ticket for the infield, even the ticket for the outfield, they would not get one.
Therefore, where Ye Fan was in their light, Su Qian and his sisters were completely in Ye Fan’s light.

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