A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 365

There are still a few days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, so Susie couldn’t wait, so she called Qiu Mucheng all day long and asked her to go look at clothes, go shopping, and get her hair done.
Qiu Mucheng was speechless, saying that she was just attending the auction, not going to a blind date. As for you?
“Who said it was not a blind date?”
“What if Mr. Chu just fell in love with Miss Ben?”
“This is our first opportunity to meet Mr. Chu up close, and we must treat it seriously.”
“I must show my most beautiful side to Mr. Chu.”
“I want to use my beauty and charm to thoroughly conquer this Jiangdong’s most powerful man, and let Mr. Chu completely fall under the pomegranate skirt of this lady.”
Qiu Mucheng was on the phone with Susie while eating. The phone was on handsfree.
Ye Fan’s expression next to him was very wonderful, but he still pretended not to hear him, and kept eating.
However, when he heard Susie’s last swearing words, and Susie said that he would conquer Mr. Chu and let him completely bow down under her pomegranate skirt, Ye Fan couldn’t help it after all. Squirting out, vomiting across Han Li’s face. First URL m.
The chewed buns were mixed with vegetable juice and flowed down Han Li’s cheeky pig liver face.
Second Austria!
Ye Fan was stunned.
Not only Ye Fan, Qiu Lei, Qiu Mucheng, and even Han Li himself stayed there.
Ye Fan was the first to react, and he smiled: “Um, Mom, our soy sauce is gone, I’ll go to the supermarket to make a soy sauce. Just keep the pots and bowls, and I’ll come back to brush them.”
After speaking, Ye Fan quickly slipped away.
Nonsense, don’t slip away, stay and wait for death?
Sure enough, at the moment Ye Fan seized the door, Han Li’s angry howl was heard behind him.
“Ye Fan, you are a waste, you come back to my old lady!”
“My old mother killed you!”
“He did it on purpose, he must do it on purpose.”
“It’s useless, I’m not at ease at all~”
“Qiu Mucheng, look at your good husband.”
“What is left of this waste?”
“I have to divorce tonight~”
Han Li’s angry voice echoed over the entire floor for a long time.
Ye Fan downstairs was immediately grateful, but fortunately he slipped fast, otherwise he would not be able to chop and stew meat.
In this way, Ye Fan did not dare to go back after staying outside for a day.
In the end, it was Qiu Mucheng who called him after get off work at night and asked Ye Fan to come back.
“My uncle and the others are here, and in front of the guests, my mother dare not do anything to you.” When she said these words, Qiu Mucheng’s mouth even had a faint smile.
“I’m going, you still laugh.”
“Your husband, I almost got stamped by your mother.”
“I’m dead, you will be a widow, let me see who will accompany you to create a man!”
“Shut up, you, don’t say if you can’t speak, the dog can’t spit out ivory!” Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face blushed at the time, and said to Ye Fan full of sullenness.
Growing up, Ye Fan, a bastard, said such shameless words in front of her.
After speaking, Qiu Mucheng hung up the phone.
And Ye Fan, after getting Qiu Mucheng’s summons, naturally ran dc3d4165 back home.
“Are you silly, still have a face back?”
“Get out of here!”
After all, Qiu Mucheng underestimated her mother’s disgust towards Ye Fan. Even in front of outsiders, Han Li still scolded Ye Fan angrily, not leaving Ye Fan any face.

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