A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 372

In this way, under the attention of all the people, Qiu Mu Orange Lian moved lightly and walked forward with Ye Fan.
“Miss, sir, please show the admission ticket.” The staff said politely.
Qiu Mucheng smiled and nodded, and then took out two delicate coupons from her bag.
“Do they really have admission tickets?”
Seeing that scene, Qiu Muying couldn’t believe it, and said in surprise.
They saw Qiu Mucheng and the two of them present their admission tickets, and the staff immediately let them go.
As they continued to step forward, the staff reached out to stop them.
When everyone saw this, they immediately laughed.
“I’ll just say it?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“It must be fake!”
“How could they have admission tickets?” Qiu Muying and others sneered.
Behind him was boosing everywhere, all with harsh mockery.
At that time, Qiu Mucheng was also a little hopeless.
Is there really a problem with that ticket?
If this is the case, then today is really shameful!
Just when Qiu Mucheng was nervous, the staff pointed their fingers at Ye Fan’s feet: “Sir, your shoelaces are open!”
Second Austria!
Ye Fan’s old face was pumping fiercely at the time, almost to the point.
You numbly stopped us just to say this?
The corners of Qiu Mucheng’s eyes trembled.
Then he gave Ye Fan a fierce look, and asked him to tie his shoelaces and hurried in.
After that, the two of them entered the hall smoothly without any obstacles.
Here, I returned to peace again, leaving only the people behind, looking at each other.
“This… how is this possible?”
“Did they actually go in?”
“Or take the VIP channel?”
“A hillbilly, an abandoned daughter from the Qiu family, how can they be?”
Qiu Muying’s eyes were red, and it was impossible to accept it.
The rest of the people trembled equally.
It seems that the girl just now is definitely not as unbearable as Qiu Muying said.
“Wen Fei, go.”
“We will go there too, I don’t believe it anymore. Even if Qiu Mucheng can go there, we can’t leave?”
Qiu Muying was full of dissatisfaction, took Chu Wenfei and walked over.
But no surprise, the two walked over and were blocked by security guards.
“Sorry, you can’t enter.”
“The hillbilly can enter, so why not let us in?”
“Husband, tell them your identity!”
“A group of dogs see things that are low.”
“You guys who pretend to be big guys are put in, but you are really good?” Qiu Muying shouted angrily, and then let her husband reveal his identity.
“What’s going on here?” Jin Bao was attracted by the riots here, and asked immediately.
Jin Bao is the security captain here, responsible for the security and order of the hall.
The men hurriedly reported: “Captain, he said he is a big man, he has to go in without a ticket.
“Oh, big shot?” Jin Bao frowned and looked at Chu Wenfei.
I saw Chu Wenfei put his hands in his pockets, his waist was straight, and he looked like a big figure.
Upon seeing this, Jin Bao respected a lot.
After all, it’s not uncommon for big people to forget to bring admission tickets. Therefore, facing the two people in front of him, Campbell certainly did not dare to neglect, and asked politely: “Sir, I don’t know who you are? If you forget to bring your admission ticket, as long as you say your name, we will check here. Take the record, you can also go in through the VIP channel.”
Jin Bao’s respectful appearance only further contributed to the arrogance of the two Qiu Muying.
Chu Wenfei immediately said arrogantly and displeased: “You are really presumptuous.”
“Dare to stop me?”
“Do you know who my dad is?”
“My dad is Chu Yang, the boss of Yangtian Real Estate!”
“And I, Chu Wenfei, is my father’s only son. Shen Jiuyi, the president of the Shen Group, treats me with respect.”
“Don’t 90,596,332 people respect me, Mr. Chu!”
“Mr. Chu?” Jin Bao was stunned.
Jin Bao’s appearance made Qiu Muying think he was scared. Qiu Muying immediately hugged her hands and smiled condescendingly: “Do you know that my husband is amazing? Don’t you get out of the way!”
I numb you!
As soon as Qiu Mucheng finished saying this, Jin Bao kicked it directly, kicking the couple directly to eat shit.
“Where is the idiot?”
“Dare to pretend to be Mr. Chu?”
“You guys are worthy too!”
“Things that live and die!”
“Don’t you go away?”

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