A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 373

Jin Bao became angry, and Qiu Muying and his wife were naturally too scared to say anything. They got up from the ground and ran into the crowd in a hurry.
Qiu Muying screamed inwardly while running, “You wait, I want to complain to you, I want to complain to you for beating~”
“Still complaining to us?”
“Pretending to be Mr. Chu, it would be good if I didn’t arrest you and bring you to Mr. Chu to ask the crime?”
Looking at the couple who slid faster than the rabbit, Jin Bao sneered, eyes full of disdain.
“I thought I really was a big man?”
“It turns out to be two idiots.”
“I dared to pretend to be Mr. Chu in front of my Jinbao. I really thought I hadn’t seen Mr. Chu’s true face, buddy?”
“I’m Jinbao, but someone who has been ordered by Mr. Chu.”
Jin Bao smiled contentedly. For a person like him who is the security captain, being able to be broadcasted on demand by big people like Ye Fan is undoubtedly enough to brag about a lifetime. Remember to read in one second
Ye Fan and his wife didn’t know the noise outside.
At this time, the two of them were wandering in the Shanshui Hall.
Although the auction at night is the highlight, the Shanshui Hall during the day is also extremely lively.
All kinds of merchandise department stores, entertainment and leisure facilities.
Qiu Mucheng and the two found a place to rest, ordered two cups of coffee, and waited for Susie to come over while drinking.
Because the road was blocked before, Susie had to drive her car to find the parking lot and ask Qiu Mucheng to come first.
“Today’s Shanshui Hall is really lively.”
“Various brand counters have set up temporary counters here.”
“That’s why Li Erye of Yunzhou has such a big appeal. Let so many business enterprises come to join in.” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help but sigh as he looked at the dazzling array of luxury goods around.
Ye Fan chuckled slightly: “What appeal is for making money.”
“The people who come here today are wealthy people from all over the world. There is no need for Li Er’s call. These merchants are afraid they are rushing to join in the fun.”
Qiu Mucheng nodded, then looked at the line of long-term growth outside the hall, and immediately laughed at herself as if she laughed: “I only now feel that there are so many rich people in Yunzhou.
Before, Qiu Mucheng didn’t feel much, but felt that she was surrounded by ordinary working families like her, and even if there were fears, there were few rich people like Chu Wenfei and Sun Yuhao.
But now when she saw the dark crowd outside, Qiu Mucheng suddenly realized that she was sitting in the well and watching the sky.
“They are right. Everyone belongs to their own circle. We are born ordinary, so the world we live in is the world of ordinary people, and all we see are ordinary people.”
“As for those upper-class elites, the people or things they usually come into contact with are difficult for us to see.”
“It’s like the auction of Shanshui Hall today. Before that, I didn’t even know.”
These days, Qiu Mucheng has contacted many people and experienced many things.
At the Han family birthday banquet, she experienced the respect and respect of countless bigwigs.
Taishan Wuhui, she witnessed the fame of the lord of Jiangdong e087257d.
However, the more she experienced, the more Qiu Mucheng felt how far she was from others. .
“I have seen the stalwart shores of the mountains, only then did I know my insignificance.”
“After seeing the magnificence of the sea, I realized that I was so insignificant.”
“Ye Fan, we have to work hard.”
“Do not ask for much power and wealth, but only for a better life in the future.”

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