A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 374

“Let children and grandchildren have a higher starting point.”
“Also make those who once looked down on us regret all of them.”
Qiu Mucheng said quietly, but there was a fascinating light in those beautiful eyes.
There has never been a moment for Qiu Mucheng to be as full of hope for the future as she is now.
Without the shackles of the Qiu family, Qiu Mucheng is undoubtedly much easier than before, just like a fish entering the sea, letting it swim.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, his affectionate gaze, just watched so quietly.
It turns out that a motivated woman is so charming.
Not long after, Susie also walked in from the VIP channel, and it took a long time to find Qiu Mucheng.
Perhaps tired, Susie stepped up and picked up a cup of coffee from the table and drank it directly.
“Cici, you~”
Qiu Mucheng was stunned at the time, as if he was hesitant to speak. First URL m.
“Mucheng, don’t talk, let me drink something first.”
Su Qian was dripping with sweat, patted her chest, and said out of breath: “I’m going, I’m exhausted? There are too many people. I ran a long way to find a parking spot, and I walked back all the way back in high heels. It’s red.”
“Fortunately, our tickets are in-field tickets. There is no need to line up. The VIP channel comes in directly.”
“Hahaha~” Susie picked up the coffee on the table and took another sip between the jokes.
“Cici, you~” Qiu Mucheng still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Susie again.
“Mucheng, don’t you know, when I came in, I happened to see my dad and them queuing to enter the venue.”
“Seeing me walking through the VIP channel, my dad and my brother were both staring at the time. Let me give them the infield voucher. They also said to use a Maserati sports car.”
Susie looked complacent.
After all, her father and brother have always blamed her for not being motivated, eating, drinking and having fun all day long, not giving them a face.
“How is it now?”
“I got the tickets that they can’t get?”
“I think my father and brother dare not despise me.”
“Although it is the light of my girlfriend.”
“Mucheng, you are so nice~”
Susie was almost overwhelmed, and took another sip of coffee from the porcelain cup, this time she drank it straight away.
“Mucheng, your coffee.”
Ye Fan’s voice came from behind, and he saw Ye Fan walk over with a cup of refilled coffee and put it in front of Qiu Mucheng.
“Huh?” Susie was stunned at the time. The coffee cup in her hand was empty, and she asked in confusion, “Mucheng, did you order two cups of coffee?”
However, before Qiu Mucheng could answer, Ye Fan’s puzzled voice came from the side: “Strange, Mucheng, where is my coffee?”
Qiu Mucheng’s expressionless face, the green jade finger pointed towards Su Qian’s hand.
Almost instantly, a harsh scream sounded.
“Ye Fan, you bastard, you defiled me?”
“You pay for my innocence~”
Susie was going crazy at the time.
She never thought that the coffee he had just drunk turned out to be the coffee that Ye Fan had drunk.
Doesn’t this mean that she and Ye Fan kissed indirectly?
Susie only felt a buzzing sound, and her brain was instantly pale, she only felt a huge sense of blasphemy in her heart. After cursing Ye Fan, she hurried to the toilet to rinse her mouth. It would be best if she could still get those with Ye Fan’s saliva. Spit out the coffee.
Ye Fan looked at him, but he was silent for a while: “Please, you drank my coffee. I haven’t let you pay it yet, but blame me?”
Women, really are a bunch of abnormal creatures.

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