A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 376

But what Qiu Muying didn’t expect was that Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were there.
“Three sisters, you have been married for three years, and you are only picking up your wedding ring now. Is it a bit late?”
“Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. Back then, Ye Fan joined the Qiu family. He was so poor in the country that he couldn’t even get the gift, let alone buy you a diamond ring.”
“At that time, I remember that the third sister was poor when she got married and didn’t even have a necklace? Buy it now, it seems to make up for the regret of the year.” Qiu Muying smiled strangely.
Chu Wenfei also looked over and sneered: “Is there enough money? If not, I can lend you a few thousand. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay back. After all, you are Yingying’s third sister, and you still have to help. .”
“Don’t, husband. I have saved money for three years. Even if I save one piece a day, there will be more than one thousand, which is enough to buy a small ring.”
“Uncle Wang, you recommend a few high-quality and cheap rings to my third sister. Don’t be too expensive, they can’t afford it.”
While talking, Qiu Muying said to a middle-aged man behind him.
This man, called “Uncle Wang” by Qiu Muying, was a jewellery expert specially brought by Chu Wenfei to help them choose a diamond ring.
“Qiu Muying, don’t go too far!” Seeing Qiu Muying and the others humiliate their girlfriends so much, Susie said angrily.
“Mucheng is my best friend. If she wants a diamond ring, I will naturally buy it for her. You don’t need to be pretending to be here.” Remember to read a book
“Heh, who am I? It turns out to be Miss Su. Miss Su is really a sister, but when she is a girlfriend who is a door-to-door son-in-law, Miss Su is not afraid of embarrassment?”
“Listen to my advice, it’s better to stay away from her. After marrying a wasteful woman, this kind of woman is destined to not lift her head for a lifetime.” Qiu Muying sneered, and then looked at Qiu Mucheng ahead.
“I have been married for three years and I don’t even have a diamond ring. I have to say, Qiu Mucheng, you really failed to be a woman.”
“Isn’t it embarrassing to let Miss Su spend money to buy you a diamond ring?”
“I feel disgusted!”
Qiu Mu was full of contempt.
“Miss Qiu, this is the diamond ring you just picked. The original price was 492,000. We offer a discount of 2,000. You can take it away with only 490,000.” At this time, the counter attendant packed a beautiful gift box. Put it in front of Qiu Muying.
Qiu Muying waved her hand: “You don’t have to give a discount. Look at the two thousand yuan, pick a ring and give it to my poor third sister. The province will cost Miss Su.”
Qiu Muying sneered, her words like charity.
“No, my wife already has a diamond ring.”
“I just gave her one the other day.”
At this time, Ye Fan’s voice suddenly sounded, and he smiled faintly.
“Ye Fan, shut up!”
“What are you talking nonsense?”
“Are you an idiot?”
“Don’t you think Mucheng is not embarrassing enough?”
“A fake diamond ring you are embarrassed to say 709d0214?”
Susie was almost mad when she heard this.
Originally, if Ye Fan did not speak, they could leave without hearing Qiu Muying’s ridicule.
But now, Ye Fan’s words are tantamount to pushing Qiu Mucheng to the forefront.
At that time, if Qiu Muying knew that Qiu Mucheng was wearing a fake diamond ring, it would have made her even more embarrassed and faceless.
“What a country idiot!” Susie flushed with anger.

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