A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 38

“You prodigal girl, you want to piss me off!”
Wang Yu angrily scolded Lin Qian beside him.
“Husband, I was wrong. Didn’t I want to help you out?” Lin Qian was also pale, knowing she was in trouble, and her voice was much lower.
“Quickly, husband, you increase the price quickly, the auctioneer is about to hammer.”
At this time, Lin Qian noticed that the auctioneer was about to make a final decision, and immediately urged anxiously.
Wang Yu also couldn’t help her, so he had to bid up again.
After all, the hostess Wang Yu was slapped by the masked man in front of him. If the high heels were robbed by him again, wouldn’t he be shameful?
Therefore, Wang Yu also took a sigh of relief in his heart, and shouted coldly: “Seven hundred and one hundred thousand!”
After saying that, Wang Yu looked back at Ye Fan coldly: “Brother, stay on the sidelines for work, and see you later. I gave you the hosta before. If you grab these high heels, don’t It’s my fault that Shao Ben is not polite to you.”
Wang Yu’s cold voice was somewhat threatening.
Where did Ye Fan pay attention to him, and once again raised a placard to bid: “800,000!” The first website m.
Another 100,000 increase.
The entire hall was almost crazy.
“Is this special?”
“Who is this local tyrant?”
“So rich, this one hundred thousand one hundred thousand increase in price will not be blinking.”
“We Yunzhou, when did such an awesome character come out?”
“Could it be that the son of Shen Jiuyi of the Shen family in Yunzhou failed?”
The men were all amazed, but they began to guess the identity of this man.
As for the women, they turned their eyes to one another, and their hearts were almost overwhelmed by Ye Fan’s domineering.
“The way he bids is so handsome~”
“Like love!”
“Don’t know he has a girlfriend?”
Many girls are unreserved and almost throw in their arms.
After all, most of the women who are doing today are canaries maintained by the rich. Since they are also raised by men, they naturally hope to meet someone with more money
Sitting high, Li Er listened to the people’s speculation and discussion, but he shook his head and smiled disdainfully: “A group of turtles, can you know the true identity of Mr. Xiao Chu?”
Li Er is also a personal spirit. From the time Ye Fan asked for the mask, Li Er had already seen that Mr. Chu was deliberately concealing his identity. Naturally, Li Er would not be stupid enough to disobey Ye Fan’s intention and announce his identity to everyone.
At this time, Wang Yu’s face was completely pale, and his eyes were flushed with popularity.
However, what did Ye Fan give to him? He didn’t wait for him to bid, but he repeated the same trick, adding another 100,000.
“Nine hundred thousand!”
“God, nine hundred thousand, this gentleman bids with himself, and it reaches nine hundred thousand!”
“Anything else?”
“Is there any higher?”
The auctioneer is almost crazy. She has presided over the auction for so many years, and this is the first time she has seen such a bold customer.
Ye Fan’s powerful aura has undoubtedly completely shocked Wang Yu.
At this time, Wang Yu just stared blankly, dare not increase the price.
“Husband, you bid quickly, come out soon~”
“I don’t care. I want those high heels. You said you would buy them for me at all costs.”
Lin Qian didn’t care about these at all. Anyway, it was Wang Yu’s money. She didn’t feel distressed. All she wanted was the attention and envy of everyone. She wanted to be the most dazzling woman in this auction.
However, Wang Yu hadn’t answered yet, but Ye Fan stood up, his heroic eyes looked around the audience, and his faint voice echoed everywhere again.
“Forget it, add another ninety thousand.”
“The ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine million is regarded as a little of my heart to the children in the mountains. I wish all the children in the mountains, with the help of the country, happiness will last for a long time.”
Prolonged applause.
Countless people in the audience stood up and paid their respects to the man before him. Even the auctioneer, under Ye Fan’s words, his eye circles immediately turned red.
What is the mind, this is the mind?
With the world in mind and the common people.
Do you think that others are pretending, but they are actually doing charity?

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