A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 39

With these few words, Ye Fan’s personality undoubtedly grew taller in an instant.
“At the same time, that pair of high heels, I decided to give it to the most beautiful lady tonight again. I wish your face and smile will be as long as these numbers.”
“This lady, from the first time I saw you, I have determined that these high heels are tailor-made for you.”
“I believe that this pair of high heels with red soles will show all its nobility and elegance under your feet.”
“Naked slender feet, red cardamom, deduction of lofty elegance, your stunning beauty not only conquered the world, but also conquered the most powerful man in the world.”
Ye Fan’s voice was full of magnetism, resounding like a sound of heaven and earth.
Looking at that affectionate gaze, the stunning girl in the crowd was instantly panicked.
Qiu Mucheng was stunned again. She raised her beautiful eyes and stared blankly at the sun-like man under the spotlight. At that moment, Qiu Mucheng didn’t know why. Under the dim light, she only felt what was in front of her. The man was actually familiar, and even the voice was so familiar.
In the blur, Qiu Mucheng could hardly control herself, her beautiful eyes flushed, and she muttered, “Ye… Ye Fan?”
“In ancient times, Wu Sangui was so angry that he was just for the beauty.”
“Now there is Mr. Chu, who is spending a lot of money, just to smile for the Iraqi.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Mr. Chu, your heroism and your mind are admirable.”
“Tonight, you and this girl are the brightest stars in this hall!”
The auctioneer’s words suddenly sounded, once again pushing the atmosphere of the venue to a climax.
At this moment, the colorful lights flickered, and under that dreamlike light, the stunning woman was standing there, attracting attention, like a princess, and the stars held the moon.
Lin Qian was almost jealous at this time.
Why is Qiu Mucheng again?
I can’t compare to her in any way. Why is she so lucky to be favored by local tyrants?
Lin Qian, who was jealous, was crying and making noise, and asked Wang Yu to bid again.
“Qianqian, stop messing around. My husband will buy it for you next time. These shoes are not worth a million, shall we go?”
Wang Yu’s old face was extremely ugly, and he whispered to persuade.
He brought a total of only 500,000 in this auction, and the total amount of the cards he had received was only 700 to 800,000. Still bidding, does he take a fart?
The money is gone!
Besides, one million is to buy a pair of shoes for Lin Qian, he is sick, and money is not spent like that.
“I don’t care, I don’t care, you must buy it for me.”
“What you said, only I deserve these high heels, I am the queen, you want to give me the best~”
“You must speak for words!”
“If you don’t bid, I will help you out~”
Lin Qian was sitting in her position, reluctant to leave. In the end, he even raised a bid for Wang Yu.
“One million, I give one million.”
“These high heels belong to my old lady!”
Lin Qian’s voice undoubtedly caused silence in the venue, and everyone’s eyes were forgotten.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan smiled immediately: “Okay, as long as you pay a million, these shoes will be given to you.”
And Wang Yu was scared to pee at the time.
“One million out of Nima?”
“How can I have so much money?”
“If you don’t go, you can pay a million, and I will go.”
Wang Yu was also anxious. He didn’t expect Lin Qian to be so silly. When the auction was a play house, she shouted around here. Now that it’s good, the two of them were framed and grilled.
“Ciao, I marry you idiot, and I’ve lost my life for eight years. I’ve lost my face by you.”
In the end, Wang Yu didn’t care about Lin Qian at all, and left her blushing and turning away.
Lin Qian was undoubtedly completely dumbfounded as soon as Wang Yu left.
Her money belongs to Wang Yu. Where did she get the money. As soon as Wang Yu left, let alone one million, she couldn’t get ten thousand.
“Miss, do you really want to spend a million to buy these shoes?” The auctioneer looked over.
“I am ~ I ~”
Everyone in the entire hall was looking at her. At this time, Lin Qian’s face was blue and white, and her mouth was open like a rooster for a long time, her old face flushed almost ashamed.
In the end, Lin Qian still didn’t have the courage to shout out, and ran out with her head down and her tail dingy.
“Two idiots who don’t have any money to pretend?”
Behind him, there was a full house of mocking laughter.
The two of Wang Yu and Lin Qian, 642e413d has become a complete joke.

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