A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 397

Being so humiliated by Ye Fan in public, Yang He’s face was obviously extremely ugly.
“Huh, brat, you said that I regarded the counterfeit as a genuine product and I recognize it.”
“It’s because I’m not at home, so I’ve lost sight of it. Later, I will make up for some of the losses of Master Shen.”
“But you, don’t think that if you see something, we will look up to you.”
“It was clear that the blind cat met the dead mouse just now, and it was just a shit luck.”
Yang He disdain to say, still full of contempt for Ye Fan. Especially Ye Fan’s indifferent look at this time made Yang He angry.
“Why, you brat, do you really consider yourself a master appraiser?”
“If you are really capable, then pick out a fake one from the authentic ones in my shop.”
“If you can’t pick it out, get out.”
“This is a high-end place, not a place where you can stay!” Yang He said coldly.
When Ye Fan heard this, he was immediately happy: “Boss Yang, don’t tell me. Among your so-called genuine ornaments, although I didn’t see any fakes. But among the miscellaneous objects over there, I did. A treasure.” Remember to read the book in one second
While speaking, Ye Fan immediately walked to the counter in the corner, and finally stopped in front of a painting.
“Boy, if you say that these counters on my left are still possible to deliver treasures, but the stalls on the right are the stalls I rented out. They are all the tatters collected and placed here, purely to occupy Locations.”
“You said there is a baby?”
Yang He laughed when he saw this.
His booth has four counters in total.
The two counters in the front and back are all displaying the authentic Babao Pavilion, and the counter on the left is displaying some good workmanship fakes, as well as some objects of unknown origin that he has collected. As for the counter that Ye Fan looked at, they rented out the Babao Pavilion to help some individual stalls sell things.
A few of them may not be sold in a few years, and they are basically sent out as gifts.
But Yang He didn’t expect Ye Fan to say that there will be treasures among the waste products?
Ye Fan ignored Yang He’s sarcasm, reached out his hand and took the painting from the counter.
It was an ink-and-brush painting on paper, and the content of the painting was very simple. It was a dead tree shaped like an antler, a strange stone shaped like a snail, and a star dwarf bamboo sticking out from behind the strange stone.
The whole composition is also very random and rough, and it looks good from a distance, but there are countless flaws when you look up close, and there is no beauty at all.
“The treasure you are talking about, isn’t it? This withered wood and strange stone figure?” Yang He suddenly smiled after seeing the painting in Ye Fan’s hand.
“I said you wouldn’t see this painting being signed by Su Dongpo, so you really think it is Su Dongpo’s work?”
Yang He kept talking, the smile on his face suddenly increased, and the words were full of sarcasm.
“There are eyes but no beads!” Ye Fan didn’t bother to pay attention to him, but replied coldly.
“Smelly boy, you really don’t know good or bad!”
“In that case, how about we make a bet?”
“If this is worth more than 10,000, I will lose you ten times its value!”
“But if it is not valuable, you will pay me a million.”
“How do you dare to bet?”
Yang He sneered.
Ye Fan glanced at him and snorted: “Ten times to pay me?”
“I’m afraid you can’t afford it!”
“Stop talking nonsense, just say you dare to gamble?” Yang He asked coldly.
“Since you insist on betting, then I will bet with you!” Ye Fan replied.
But when Qiu Mucheng heard this, her pretty face turned white, and she hurriedly said, “Ye Fan, you are crazy, how can you have a million?”
Susie was also an idiot of Ye Fan.
Isn’t this giving people money?
“A poor kid in the country, who has no money and no rights, still learns from others to gamble?”
“Isn’t this deliberately cheating Mucheng?”
“It’s just a troublemaker!”
However, Ye Fan had already agreed.
It was too late for Qiu Mucheng to persuade at this time.
“it is good!”
“In that case, everyone will be a witness.”
“When the time comes to save, someone will not admit that it’s wrong.”
“Also, I said in advance, if you lose and can’t get the money, don’t blame me for using your house as a mortgage.” Yang He smiled sinisterly.

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