A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 398

He was worried about what he could do to make up for Young Master Shen. It’s fine now. Someone has come to give him money. He would be too sorry for the idiot Ye Fan if he didn’t accept it.
But when Qiu Mucheng heard that she was going to take the house when she lost, her pretty face turned whiter in fright, and her beautiful eyes were red. She couldn’t imagine, if Ye Fan really imported the house, what would the family do in the future? Would they be sleeping on the street?
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng was so angry that she almost shed tears.
She never thought that Ye Fan would be so bold now to take their house to gamble with others.
“Mucheng, divorce right?”
“This hillbilly is completely crazy!”
“Now he dares to take the house to gamble with others, and in the future he dare to use you as a bet to gamble with others.”
“I really don’t know where his courage comes from. A person who doesn’t know anything about Jianbao actually took a house to bet?”
“He is an idiot!”
Susie also gritted her teeth with anger.
However, Ye Fan didn’t notice Qiu Mucheng and the others’ reaction. They still stood in the Babao Pavilion, holding the “Withered Wood and Strange Stone Picture” that imitated Su Dongpo. First URL m.
After confirming the gambling agreement with Yang He, Ye Fan asked while holding his wallet, “Let’s talk about it, how much, I bought this painting.”
“I go!”
“Occupy it first?”
“It looks like this silly boy really thinks this painting is real?” Hearing Ye Fan’s words, the people around suddenly laughed.
Yang He waved his hand boldly, and sneered, “No money, just give it to you.”
As Yang He said, he was full of sarcasm, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot. When he was a gift, he was an idiot like Ye Fan as a treasure.
“No, there will be disputes in the province in the future. Let’s talk, how much, I will buy you at the original price.”
Seeing that Ye Fan didn’t want it, he had to spend money to buy it. Yang He couldn’t help but said: “Okay, then sell it to you two hundred and five.”
Yang He’s words caused everyone to laugh again.
He was obviously humiliating Ye Fan, saying that Ye Fan was two hundred and five.
But Ye Fan seemed to have not heard it, lowered his head and started taking money, but embarrassingly, Ye Fan only had fifty yuan in his wallet.
No way, Ye Fan had to ask Qiu Mucheng for money: “Mucheng, give me two hundred.”
“Give you a head!”
“Don’t call me, I don’t know you, you are mad at me!” Qiu Mucheng was so angry that Ye Fan nearly exploded, how could she still give her money? She couldn’t wait for the deal to be blown out, and the province entered all her house.
“I go”
“After doing it for a long time, this buddy is not only an idiot, but a poor man?”
“Don’t have a hundred dollars in your pocket?”
“I guess the poor girl from the country?”
“This kind of poor coercion, are you embarrassed to come to this place?”
“Isn’t this embarrassing?”
There was another harsh laughter from around.
Han Shaojie also shook his head and smiled: “A Fei, are you really sure that he is a big man, not a big idiot?”
“I…I…I don’t know him either.” Shen Fei twitched his eyes, and finally turned his head decisively, pretending not to know Ye Fan.
After all, at this time, anyone who has a relationship with Ye Fan would be embarrassed.
“I said your kid is funny?”
“Just now you don’t want the money to be given away for nothing, but now you are charged and you can’t take it out?”
“I was a poor man, but he is pretending to be generous!”
“Get off now? Don’t be embarrassed here!” Yang He seemed to see Ye Fan really stunned, and in the end he didn’t bother to waste time with him and let him go.
However, Ye Fan didn’t mean to give up, borrowing money everywhere, but no one paid any attention to him. In the end, Su Yuanshan saw him pitifully and gave him two hundred yuan.
“Little brother, the two hundred yuan should be given to you, no need to pay back.” Su Yuanshan said slowly.
Ye Fan thanked him: “Thank you, President Su. I will remember this favor.”

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