A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 399

“Dad, what are you doing? fa7c02c8”
“Who asked you to give her money!”
“Two hundred yuan is not much, but what’s the difference between you and Bai thrown it?” Susie complained suddenly.
Su Yuanshan replied: “It is not easy to survive outside, especially for people like him from a bad background, who are groping in the city alone, and they endure far more malice than we thought.”
“With a little effort, please help if you can.”
“What’s more, what if this young man is really Master Appreciation?”
“Two hundred dollars, just as a personal investment, no loss.”
That’s the case, but Su Yuanshan obviously doesn’t believe that the painting in front of him is really Su Dongpo’s handed down.
After all, those who can come here are not fools. A calligraphy and painting handed down by everyone has been placed here for so long, how could no one see it?
Therefore, the reason why Su Yuanshan gave Ye Fan money was entirely out of sympathy.
Su Yuanshan’s grandfather is also a countryman. Seeing what happened to Ye Fan, Su Yuanshan heard that his parents came to the city from the countryside to work hard, and finally stood firm. It was not easy. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Therefore, with sympathy, Su Yuanshan only helped Ye Fan once.
“This is two hundred and fifty yuan, please write an invoice?” Ye Fan handed the money to Yang He.
“Oh? You want an invoice, you brat is delaying time!”
“Okay, I’ll give you the invoice. When you see it, what reason do you have for delaying here?” Yang He only thought that Ye Fan was afraid of embarrassment and delayed here.
However, how did he know Ye Fan’s true intentions.
“Okay, I have received the money, and the invoice has been issued. The painting is given to you, and now I can verify the authenticity of the Gu Guichang Chang?” Yang He said impatiently.
Ye Fan nodded: “Of course.”
Later, Ye Fan and Yang He walked over and asked Gu Longen to identify the painting again.
At this time, almost all the eyes of everyone here looked over.
Seeing Ye Fan’s self-confidence, everyone suddenly felt a little hopeless, especially Yang He himself, having learned the lesson last time, was even more worried.
This painting, won’t really belong to the great writer of the Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo?
If it was, he was sold for two hundred and fifty dollars, and Yang He had to regret his death!
Of course, in the eyes of everyone, even if this possibility exists, it is almost zero.
Sure enough, after looking at it for a long time, the old man finally looked at Ye Fan with a little regret and shook his head: “Little brother, this time, I’m afraid you really missed him.”
“This painting is indeed imitated. Moreover, the imitated is extremely simple, and the brushwork is extremely poor.”
“His true value, I’m afraid it is only about one or two hundred yuan, which will barely make you pay back. Of course, it is mainly the value of the rice paper material. The value of this painting is almost zero.” Gu Longen said slowly.
This time, everyone did not rush to make a conclusion, as if they were still waiting for Gu Longen to confirm again.
Sure enough, Ye Fan also chuckled like last time: “Gu President Gu, please take a closer look.”
Gu Longen frowned, put his eyes on this time, and continued to look at it again.
This time, Yang He and others brought their hearts to their throats.
I’m really afraid that Guroun will have another shocking flip.
Fortunately, the same thing did not happen a second time.
“Boy, I’m afraid you will really be disappointed this time.”
“This “Withered Trees and Strange Rocks” appeared at Christie’s Hong Kong auction as early as 2018. The hammer fell for HK$410 million and finally fell into the hands of a wealthy Chinese.
“The original has already been collected.”
“So the one in front of you, logically speaking, it cannot be the genuine one!”
“What’s more, the painting is rough, and the words on it have no sense of beauty. It proves that this statement is undoubtedly a fake.”
These words of Gu Longen undoubtedly resemble the sentence of death, completely concluding the conclusion of this painting.

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