A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 400

In a moment, there was a loud noise, and everyone suddenly laughed.
“Let me just say, if this painting is really authentic, how could it be hung here and no one cares about it?”
“This stinky boy really relied on the blue and white porcelain just now!”
“I just took the shit luck. I don’t know if I see it right. I have to gamble again with Boss Yang. Isn’t this asking for hardship?”
“It’s like an idiot!” There was a sneer everywhere.
Su Yuanshan and the others also shook their heads. This person walked the rivers and lakes by luck, and it really couldn’t last long.
“Boy, what can you say now?”
“I don’t know anything about trash, but learn from others to pretend to be forced?”
“This download is forcing you to pretend to be a shaman!” Remember to read for a second
“According to the bet, let’s get one million.”
“Have you figured out how to pay? Is it cash or transfer? Or is it the payment for the house?”
Yang He was full of wanton eyes, and the laughter was full of mockery.
“Is this idiot, really dumbfounded just now?”
“What can you do without the ability?”
“Now you are happy, are you satisfied now?”
“It’s a bet that you lose a million and lose all Mucheng’s house. I see how you explain to Mucheng!”
“I’ve known for a long time that Mucheng will be killed by your uselessness sooner or later!”
Susie scolded Ye Fan angrily.
And Qiu Mucheng, just standing there with her pretty face pale, she didn’t say a word, but in her heart, she was extremely disappointed with Ye Fan.
Of course, she was disappointed not that Ye Fan lost the bet, but that Ye Fan actually took the house to bet? Just because of a quarrel, he ignored her, let alone the family.
Eyebrows were flushed, and there were almost tears in her beautiful eyes.
At this moment, she finally saw Ye Fan clearly.
Maybe he didn’t have her in his heart, let alone that home.
After all, any responsible man will never take the happiness of a family to bet on a gamble with a slim chance of winning!
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to watch it anymore, turned around and left with full of loss and endless disappointment.
Gu Longen also sighed, and his original name for Mr. Ye Fan also became a young man just now.
Before, he really thought he had found a talent.
But now it seems that Yang He is right. Ye Fan just estimated that it was a blind cat and a dead mouse, right?
At this time, in the whole exhibition hall, some people sighed and some people sighed. Some are angry, some are disappointed. But more, it was a mockery and ridicule of Ye Fan.
Ye Fan at this time has become a joke in everyone’s eyes.
Everyone looked at him with disdain, like a clown.
However, facing everyone’s ridicule, Ye Fan was still calm.
On the delicate face, that touch of arrogance and indifferent smile remained unresolved.
In the end, Ye Fan let out a chuckle, resounding in all directions: “Thanks to your self-proclaimed upper-class people, now it seems that they are just a bunch of foolish fools.”
“Fucky boy, what are you talking about?”
“Do you dare to insult us?”
“I think you don’t want to live anymore!”
Unexpectedly, at this time, Ye Fan still insulted everyone life and death, and many people present were angry. Even Su Yuanshan, Gu Longen and others, a bit of displeasure emerged in their eyebrows.
Ye Fan ignored them, but stepped forward, picked up the painting, and spread it on the table.
At the same time, Ye Fan’s faint sneer sounded quietly in the exhibition hall:
“Since you don’t believe me, I will let you see today, what kind of treasure is the waste in your eyes?!”
Ye Fan’s words are strong, just like a golden stone falling to the ground, and there is a sound, echoing loudly in everyone’s ears!
Like a bell in the morning and a drum in the evening! !

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