A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 411

Many people cursed secretly in their hearts.
I said, brother, can we stop pretending?
At a glance, the blue and white porcelain is a fake.
The second glance is that the price of two hundred and five directly bought something worth 200 million!
That’s it, you still said that you don’t know anything about Jianbao?
So what are we, idiots? ! !
Many people were speechless, Su Yuanshan also smiled bitterly, as for the old man Gu Longen, he didn’t believe it at all. He doesn’t even believe in punctuation!
What’s the difference between Ye Fan’s words and Mr. Ma, the boss of the Penguin Group, who said he is an ordinary family? What is the difference between telling Dongge who doesn’t know his wife’s beauty that his wife is not pretty?
They felt that Ye Fan was either pretending to be coercion, or pretending to be humble!
And Ye Fan didn’t bother to explain it to them. I guess they wouldn’t believe it.
What’s more, the existence of “Book of the Clouds” is absolutely confidential to Ye Fan, and he naturally would not take the initiative to talk about it. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Seeing that it was noon, Ye Fan didn’t have the interest to go shopping anymore. Anyway, he was just a driver from the countryside, and it didn’t matter whether he stayed or not, so Ye Fan planned to say goodbye to Su Yuanshan and the others.
“President Su, let’s stop here today, I have to go home first.”
“Huh? So early, it’s just eleven o’clock, no more shopping meetings?” Su Yuanshan was trying to stay.
Ye Fan shook his head and sighed helplessly: “No way, we are not like President Su. We have a good wife, someone loves, someone cares, and someone prepares lunch. I, Ye Fan, are just an unknown and humble driver. I’m alone, and no one prepares lunch, so I can only go home early and do it myself.”
Ye Fan seemed to laugh at himself, but it was obvious that there was still a bit of resentment in Ye Fan’s words.
Qiu Mucheng on the side knew she was ashamed, and when Ye Fan said this, she didn’t dare to look at Ye Fan at all, bowed her head and said nothing.
When Su Yuanshan and Sunan father and son heard this, they were slightly surprised.
“Brother Ye, haven’t married yet?” Su Yuanshan asked in a deep voice.
Ye Fan shook his head and sneered: “I’m a little driver of Mr. Qiu, who was born in the countryside and has no money or rights. Which girl will look after me if she is blind? She will only be rejected by others.”
Ye Fan said lightly, but Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face on the side became paler, her guilt in her heart became more intense, and her head lowered deeper.
She bit her red lips tightly. At that moment, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help it. She wanted to say sorry to Ye Fan and confess all this to Su Yuanshan and the others.
Qiu Mucheng guessed it. She was afraid that she had admitted that Ye Fan was her driver before and hurt this man’s self-esteem, right?
However, when Susie saw this, she quietly held Qiu Mucheng’s hand, and shook her head at her, beckoning her not to reveal anything.
She didn’t want her father to know that her best friend married a countryman.
“Hey, what are you talking about Brother Ye?”
“Born can only determine a person’s starting point, not a person’s end point.”
“What’s more, Brother Ye, you don’t depend on your family background, your background, you can have such a talent, and you have such achievements in appraising treasures. He has no limit to his future!”
“Zhu Yuanzhang is still a peasant, and he still becomes the emperor?”
“Zhuge Liang also used to work in Nanyang. He is not the same for generations, and his fame has been passed down through the ages?”
“Brother Ye, I am very optimistic about you. There will be great prospects in the future!” Su Yuanshan talked freely, speaking boldly, looking at Ye Fan, full of appreciation and joy.
Now after learning that Ye Fan is still single, he undoubtedly liked Ye Fan more, and continued to ask: “Brother Ye, what do you think of my daughter Cici?”

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