A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 412

Ye Fan nodded: “Although Miss Su said she has a bad temper, I have to admit that she is indeed a rare beauty. If she is in school, even if she is not a school girl, she is definitely a class girl.”
Ye Fan didn’t think much, so he answered honestly.
But after speaking, Ye Fan realized that something was wrong, and immediately frowned, and looked at Su Yuanshan: “Mr. Su, what do you mean by asking this, it doesn’t mean…”
“Hahaha~” Su Yuanshan laughed suddenly, and then nodded, “Yes, Brother Ye, when I first saw you, I thought I was very close to you. Now you happen to be unmarried, and my daughter Cici is also just right. If I didn’t marry, Su Yuanshan simply gave up my old face and gave my daughter one month old, so I can take your line.”
“If Brother Ye doesn’t mind, you can try to date the little girl.”
“Maybe it’s a matter of course and a marriage will be achieved?”
“At that time, my daughter Qianqian will give birth to brothers Ye, and Su Yuanshan will be able to hold grandchildren.”
“Yeah, Mr. Ye. Although my sister has a bad temper, she is not bad in nature and has a tofu heart. I think you two are a match made in heaven.”
Su Yuanshan and the Sunan father and son were all smiles, but they actively matched Ye Fan and Susie. It seemed that they really wanted Ye Fan to be their Su family’s son-in-law and marry Susie to him.
“This this…”
However, after hearing Su Yuanshan’s words, Ye Fan was stunned. Remember to read in one second
Susie stayed where she was, and Qiu Mucheng was even more shocked, her beautiful eyes widened.
Finally, Ye Fan, Susie, and Qiu Mucheng looked at me, and I looked at you, but they looked at each other.
Especially Susie and Qiu Mucheng, they didn’t expect that things would develop like this.
Susie had previously described Ye Fan as the driver of Qiu Mucheng, because she was afraid that her father would look down on Qiu Mucheng after he knew that Ye Fan was Qiu Mucheng’s husband.
But now it’s alright, his father actually married himself to Ye Fan and let Ye Fan be her husband?
This… how can this be?
Not to mention that she doesn’t like Ye Fan at all. She just likes it, then she can’t marry. Isn’t this the husband who snatched her girlfriend? What would Mucheng think of herself?
Sure enough, Qiu Mucheng’s gaze was already turned, staring at Susie coldly.
It seems to be saying, Susie, see what you do? Does your dad even hug you and Ye Fan’s child?
Susie was also full of bitterness. She glanced at her girlfriend apologetically, and then quickly said to her father: “Dad, no, I don’t agree, I will never marry a countryman!”
“Shut up!” Su Yuanshan was furious, and yelled to Susie coldly, “Brother Ye is young and promising, so the old man was respected as his teacher at a young age.”
“what about you?”
“Except for your family background, what do you compare with Ye Fan brother?”
“People haven’t despised you yet, but are you despising Brother Ye?”
“What qualifications do you have?”
Su Yuanshan’s angry words were scared to make Su Qian pale as paper. Under the power of her father, Susie lowered her head but did not dare to say a word.
In the entire Su family, Susie was most afraid of her father, of course she did not dare to disobey.
After reprimanding Susie, Su Yuanshan continued to look at 2ce3c842 Xiang Ye Fan, ashamed: “Brother Ye, let you watch a joke.”
“My daughter, everything is fine, just a little bit arrogant.”
“However, I think that with Brother Ye’s ability, I can definitely conquer this inferior girl.”
“Don’t worry, after you get married, if my woman loses her temper self-willedly, you can hit or scold you, Su Yuanshan will never blame you. But the premise is that you can only spank. It’s broken.” This Su Yuanshan tried to recruit Ye Fan, the son-in-law. Such words are said directly.
The old man next to him listened, his eyes twitching.
But Susie herself was almost crying.
Is this your own father?
Not to mention marrying himself to a countryman, he was allowed to beat and scold himself.
“Dad~” Susie complained suddenly.
“You shut up for me, this is not what you are talking about!” Su Yuanshan stared directly, and Susie immediately closed her mouth in shock.

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