A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 448

Li Hongyuan was full of bitterness, and he knew that he had taken a look, but at this time he was begging Shen Fei in fear.
When Shen Fei saw this, he shook his head and smiled: “Well, Uncle Li, don’t worry about it. I won’t tell Mr. Ye. As for buying jadeite, I can’t help you. Do you think of a solution?”
Shen Fei and Li Hongyuan didn’t have a close relationship. They were all his father’s business partners. They were not relatives or reasons. He and Ye Fan had been ridiculed before. Shen Fei would naturally not be a lobbyist for him.
Besides, he himself wanted to buy Ye Fan’s imperial green, but due to the relationship with his friends, Shen Fei was embarrassed to open his mouth.
If Brother Fan didn’t plan to sell at all, wouldn’t it be difficult for him to be strong?
“Shaojie, how is it?”
“I said Brother Fan is not an ordinary person, you didn’t believe it before, do you believe it now?”
“Brother Fan is called not choosing a stone, and choosing a stone will break the earth!”
“A total of two stones were selected, one is Zhengyang Green, and the other is the more precious Emperor Green~”
“Mom, Brother Fan is awesome!”
“Whether you accept it or not, I’m really convinced by Brother Fan anyway.” Shen Fei ignored Li Hongyuan, but instead sighed at Han Shaojie. Remember to read in one second
At this time, Han Shaojie, looking at Ye Fan in front of him, nodded heavily: “A Fei, to tell you, I haven’t served a few people, Han Shaojie, but Brother Fan, definitely one of them!”
“Sister-in-law, I really envy you. Married a good man.”
“You should be grateful that I am a man, otherwise, if I were a daughter, I would definitely grab Brother Fan from my sister-in-law. I am also willing to be a mistress.” Han Shaojie said as he looked at the crowded man in front of him with eyes Admiration.
As for Qiu Mucheng, she was standing there, looking at the man from a distance. She didn’t speak, but there was an inexplicable light in her beautiful eyes.
Is it lucky? Thank you for marrying Ye Fan?
Or is it proud? Proud to have such a great husband?
Perhaps, even Qiu Mucheng didn’t know it herself.
At this time, Ye Fan had once again stood on the high platform, picked up the microphone, and continued his unfinished speech to everyone: “Everyone, I, Ye Fan, is an ordinary person, like a tens of thousands of people. Same, ordinary people.”
“Just as the lady Qiu Muying said over there, I was born in the country, and I went to the Zuqiu family. I don’t have a distinguished family and wealth. I am just an ordinary person. , A humble and humble person in the mouth of Miss Qiu Muying.”
“Here, I apologize to all of you and Miss Qiu Muying.”
“I, Ye Fan, came from a humble background, humble and humble. I am not qualified to come here, nor to appear in front of the noble Miss Qiu, nor to participate in this rough auction with the noble Miss Qiu Muying.”
“Sweeping Miss Qiu Muying’s Yaxing, losing Miss Qiu Muying’s noble status, affecting everyone’s mood, I’m really sorry, Ye Fan.”
“Just as Miss Qiu Muying said, I lied to everyone. I really don’t know anything about betting on rocks!”
“I’m sorry~”
Ye Fan’s apologetic voice slowly sounded in the entire hall.
Ten minutes ago, Ye Fan said these words, in the eyes of everyone, perhaps he really apologized.
But now, the emperor green Ye Fan is out, and if you say this, it’s a pretense!
At a glance, the emperor green was opened, creating an unprecedented history in the jade circle of Yunzhou.
If this is still ignorant, what are they?

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