A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 460

“Perhaps this is fate. What belongs to you will be yours sooner or later. If you don’t belong to you, even if you force it, you can’t hold it at all.”
Su Qian sighed faintly, but there was an inexplicable emotion in the words.
Perhaps it is sympathy. Or maybe, feel sorry.
After Qiu Mucheng heard it, she was obviously also slightly surprised, and her face turned pale immediately.
After all, it was too sudden.
A few days ago, Han Wenxue was still so arrogant, despising Ye Fan, Qiu Mucheng, and everyone.
But who could have imagined that the news of Han Wenxue again in a few days would be in such a situation.
This kind of upside-down gap, even Qiu Mucheng, who only had a relationship with Han Wenxue, couldn’t help but touch the smallness and impermanence of the world.
“A person is not good for a thousand days, and a flower is not red for a hundred days.”
“Rich and poverty, birth, old age, sickness and death, perhaps, this is a reincarnation.”
For Han Wenxue, although Qiu Mucheng didn’t have any good feelings, she never hated her. Remember to read in one second
Now that they have come to such a miserable ending, Qiu Mucheng felt inexplicable emotion in her heart.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t talk with Susie for long, and then walked into the venue.
On the way, Susie still couldn’t help feeling the experience of Han Wenxue’s family.
“Mucheng, don’t you think it’s too sudden?”
“Before this, there was no sign at all. Even last week, Han Wenxue and his husband were invited by the city government to participate in the entrepreneurs’ conference as a representative speech. In just a few days, a company of Nov. Up.”
“In my opinion, there must be a pusher behind this incident.”
“I guess, their family has offended people~”
“Yes, it must have offended a more powerful person, and finally ended up with such a miserable end.”
“Mucheng, you said, who did their family offend?”
“I can turn over a listed company overnight. I’m afraid this person has monstrous means in Yunzhou~”
Susie felt more and more panicked the more she thought about it, and the more she thought about it, the more curious she became, her eyes widening and she couldn’t help saying.
However, from beginning to end, Ye Fan on the side listened to their conversation without saying a word. Very quiet, completely out of touch.
Above the delicate face, there is no joy or sadness.
I’m afraid that Qiu Mucheng and Susie would not even dream of it. The initiator of this incident was Ye Fan, who had been silent beside him.
Ye Fan didn’t have any pity for the ending of Han Wenxue’s family.
Their company was originally not clean, and the incident happened sooner or later.
However, Ye Fan’s existence has greatly accelerated their pace of destruction.
But it’s no wonder that others, if to blame, it’s Han Wenxue who deceived his wife.
“In life, you always have to pay for what you do, what you say and do, and what you say and do.” Ye Fan’s sudden voice caused Qiu Mucheng and Su Qian to be taken aback.
“Ye Fan, what are you talking about?” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help but wonder, not knowing what Ye Fan meant in these words.
“Nothing, just say it casually.” Ye Fan replied.
Susie rolled her eyes and stared at Ye Fan: “I am chatting with Mucheng, what are you talking about?”
“Also, Ye Fan, I warn you that if my dad finds you in the future, you are not allowed to talk nonsense in front of him. It is absolutely impossible for Susie to marry you.”
Susie obviously remembered what happened at the lunch board and immediately warned Ye Fan righteously.
Don’t you just look at a few antiques? I’m not sure if it’s luck or ability. I don’t know what happened. Why is my dad so optimistic about him?
Susie sighed weakly in her heart.
But Ye Fan didn’t bother to pay attention to her.
This woman, still despise him?
“When the time comes, you will just be crying and marry me, I don’t even bother.” Ye Fan sneered in his heart, and then walked towards the auction room.
“Mr. Miss, please show your admission ticket.” As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the infield, the group of three people was stopped by the entrance staff.

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