A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 47

In the luxurious private rooms, there is a touch of sandalwood lingering.
Ye Fan sips the muddy tea lightly, and the corners of his mouth always carry a smile that feels like nothing. This smile is kind and makes people feel like a spring breeze.
Although Ye Fan was born in a wealthy family, he didn’t have the arrogance and domineering behind a wealthy family. Instead, he felt gentle and kind.
Perhaps it is the personality charm that Ye Fan exudes that makes so many people willing to work for him for life.
“What did Young Master Xiao Chu say? Today, I have a banquet with Li Er. It’s really just like having a meal with Mr. Chu. There is no other charm.” Li Er smiled and gave it to Ye Fan. Had tea.
“Really?” Ye Fan chuckled, and then said lightly, “Six months ago, the Li Group failed to merge Hanhai Real Estate and the stock dived. In just six months, the stock price has been cut in half!”
Hearing this, Li Er was immediately taken aback.
“Three months ago, the Li Group decided to enter Jingzhou east to open up a new market, but suffered heavy losses due to snipers from competitors.”
“This~” Li Er’s face gradually paled.
Ye Fan glanced at Li Er, paused, and continued: “A month ago, the Chief Financial Officer of the Li Group was suspected of occupying his position and absconded with a huge sum of money.”
“Er Ye mistakenly believed in others. This incident is probably the last straw to overwhelm the Li Group. Dorcas has already begun to refuse loans to the Li Group.”
“If what I expected is not bad, the Li Group, which has dominated Yunzhou for nearly ten years, has now broken its capital chain, and the entire group is shaky. This month, relying solely on the financial support of the Shen family, let it barely survive.”
Ye Fan’s faint voice slowly lingered in the room.
At this time, Li Er was almost stupid, his old face was pale, and his eyes were full of horror: “This… these, how do you know?”
The situation of the group, even Li Er’s family, is almost completely unknown, even the top of the company, they know very little.
But Li Er never thought that the young man in his early twenties would have such a thorough understanding.
As if everything about himself was seen through by him, there was nowhere to hide.
Ye Fan did not speak, but raised the teapot, filled Li Erman, who was completely pale with a smile, with tea, and then continued: “Not only do I know this. I also know that the money of the Shen family industry can’t support you for long. In half a month, if there is no more capital injection, the Li Group will go bankrupt and liquidate. Erye’s ten-year foundation has since disappeared.”
Ye Fan’s calm and indifferent voice, only if thunder struck down, Li Er was immediately stunned.
In the depths of the eyebrows, the worry and depression that have been hidden are finally revealed at this moment.
He sighed, but he didn’t conceal it anymore: “As expected, Mr. Chu, I can’t hide anything from you. Apart from wanting to get acquainted with Mr. Chu, another purpose of today’s banquet is to hope that Mr. Chu can reach out and save My Li Group is in crisis.”
“As long as Mr. Chu can help, since then, my second wife, Li is willing to saddle the horse for Mr. Chu, the head of the horse will look forward.”
“Respect Mr. Chu as a teacher and respect him as a father.”
Li Er’s eyes are full of pleading expressions, his expression is respectful, and his humble and respectful look is like Ye Fan’s son.
Xu Lei watched, but her eyes twitched fiercely: “This old fox is really shameless. In order to catch up with the line of the Chu family, even the old face is not needed, and the son is willing to be.”
In the room, it was quiet for a while.
Only the cool wind outside the window slowly blew in through the huge French windows.
Ye Fan didn’t say anything for a long time, just sipping tea with a smile.

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