A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 461

“This…this is…”
After seeing the admission tickets presented by the three Ye Fans, the staff at the entrance couldn’t help but gasped.
“Huh? What’s wrong, isn’t it really fake?” Susie asked with some worry. She had been worried about whether there was a problem with the admission ticket.
After all, with Qiu Mucheng’s identity, Susie didn’t think she was qualified to get the admission ticket for this Mid-Autumn Festival.
You know, his father Su Yuanshan was not invited yet?
Qiu Mucheng had no bottom in her heart, and asked in a low voice, “Hello, do you have any questions?”
“No, no, sir, miss, there is no problem. Please follow me.” The staff quickly replied, and then respectfully led the way in front, leading Ye Fan and the three to a private room.
But when the three of Ye Fan followed the staff upstairs, not far from the side, a young man frowned.
“Brother Yuhao, what’s wrong, have you met an acquaintance?” Han Feifei asked from the side.
Sun Yuhao said: “Feifei, look at the figure in front, is it your sister Qiu and Ye Fan?”
“Impossible, Brother Yuhao. You must have read it wrong. The hillbilly pretended to have deceived everyone. Now it is estimated that they have all been driven out of the clubhouse. How could they come here?”
“Besides, they just want to come, they are not qualified.”
“A poor dick from the countryside, even if he enters the Shanshui Guild Hall under the light of the Shen family, he will definitely not be able to enter here. Shen Fei is a dude, where does he have the ability of Brother Yuhao?”
Han Feifei didn’t even look at it, and said so almost subconsciously.
Sun Yuhao nodded: “That said.”
“Well, let’s not talk about this, let’s find a seat first.”
Following the instructions on the admission ticket, Sun Yuhao and Han Feifei and his daughter also found seats and sat down in the audience seats.
But Ye Fan and the others had already reached the private room upstairs.
“This supreme private room is the place with the best view of this auction. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows in front of you, you can overlook the audience.”
“I hope that the ladies and husband will spend the evening happily, and you can tell me what you like if you have any needs.” Soon, the waiter left.
Only Ye Fan three people were left, and they remained in the private room.
“It turned out to be a private room.”
“From here you can almost overlook the audience~”
“Is there a bed to rest?”
“Meals and drinks are all available.”
“This specification is too high, right?”
“No, I have to send a friend to show off, so that all of my friends can see.”
Susie was already crazy at this time. It was not that she hadn’t participated in the auction, but at most she was sitting in the audience seats below, with many people. Now that she enjoys the private room treatment, Susie is of course excited, she only feels extremely proud and honored, and her little vanity in her heart has been satisfied.
Even Susie is so excited, let alone Qiu Mucheng. This is the first time that Qiu Mucheng enjoys this treatment. It is a natural surprise.
Only Ye Fan was calm, found a sofa and sat down.
As soon as I sat down, Li’s second phone called.
“Mr. Chu, are you satisfied with the reception?”
“If you need anything, just tell me, I’ll be sent up immediately.”
“Also, in order to fear that Mr. Chu may feel boring, I specially asked Mr. Chu to add a bed. The sheets and quilts are new. The room is soundproof and the glass is also anti-peeping. You can rest assured. ”
“By the way, the important thing is placed on the table next to the bed. The quality is good, and you can use it if you want.”
Li Er’s inexplicable laughter came over the phone, but Ye Fan could hear it in a cloud of mist.

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