A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 462

What the hell is this old thing doing?
Ye Fan didn’t chat with Lao Er for too long, so Li Er greeted him and hung up.
At this moment, Susie screamed suddenly, pointed to a small box on the bedside table, and said in surprise: “This… why is this thing here?”
“Cici, what’s the matter, what’s the matter?” Qiu Mucheng stepped forward and asked with curiosity.
“Damn, TT~” Although Susie had never used this thing, she still saw it on the Internet and recognized it at a glance.
The pretty faces of the two women turned red immediately, and now they finally understand why there is a bed in this private room.
“You…what are you looking at, stay away from us, I warn you, don’t think too much.” Susie said to Ye Fan with a little embarrassment, and then hurriedly threw the box of Durex into the trash can. Here, it seemed that Ye Fan might see it.
Qiu Mucheng’s face flushed even more, and the two unmanned women naturally felt a bit embarrassed when they first came into contact with this kind of private thing, or in front of the opposite sex.
Seeing the shyness of the two daughters, Ye Fan felt amused, so he didn’t stimulate them any more, and sat down on the sofa. At the same time, he said inwardly.
“The old man of Li’s second thought is very thoughtful, and he has even prepared this thing.”
“It’s a pity, I don’t need it~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Fan chuckled, then sat in front of the window and watched the auction quietly. Even if Susie and her wife Qiu Mucheng are two stunning beauties behind her, even if the bed TT is readily available, Ye Fan is extremely calm, without any other thoughts, and his eyes are as clear as water.
“Mucheng, you wimpy husband, not to mention anything else, your character is good.” Ye Fan reacted like this, but Su Qian gave him a high look.
In Susie’s eyes, with the charm of her and Qiu Mucheng, coupled with such an ambiguous and private occasion, there would never be any man’s control.
Even if there is no guts, there is bound to be guilty.
But what Susie didn’t expect was that Ye Fan didn’t show any pleasure or desire. His eyes were as clear as water, as if he was not interested in them at all.
At this time, the auction had already begun.
“Where is Mr. Chu?”
“Which is Mr. Chu?”
Susie ran over quickly, looking down through the huge French windows, delusional to find the peerless figure who had turned the tide in the Taishan martial arts meeting that day.
However, Susie looked around and was disappointed after all.
She did not see any trace of Mr. Chu bd61a05c.
Qiu Mucheng seemed very calm, and said from the side: “Cici, you are looking for nothing, even we have a separate private room, let alone Mr. Chu, who is at the top of Jiangdong’s power?”
Hearing Qiu Mucheng’s words, Susie’s expression was undoubtedly more lost.
“Does that mean I can’t see my “Mr. Chu” anymore?”
“Mucheng, how could this be?”
“I am looking forward to this day.”
“I have been looking forward to it for a long, long time, I am really unwilling~”
Susie’s pretty face drooped, and her expression dropped, like a frosted eggplant, she just wilted.
When Qiu Mucheng saw this, she shook her head and smiled helplessly: “Cici, don’t be sad. Although you can’t see Mr. Chu, maybe you can get Mr. Chu’s token?”
“Don’t forget, this auction, but something from Mr. Chu appeared.”

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