A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 48

Just when Li Er was completely desperate, Ye Fan slowly put down the teacup in his hand.
“Mr Xu, tomorrow, let’s call the second master one billion.”
“Okay, Mr. Chu.” Xu Lei agreed immediately.
And Li Er was immediately overjoyed, and his old face laughed and said, “Haha, thank you Mr. Chu for giving away charcoal in the snow. In the future, Li Erlian will pay back all the money.”
Ye Fan smiled softly: “You don’t have to pay it back, it belongs to me in the first place.”
“Second Lord, do it well. Yunzhou, let you manage it. I hope that in the future, I won’t let me down again.” Ye Fan patted Li Er on the shoulder, and there seemed to be an inexplicable charm in the faint voice. Implication.
Li Er was there for a moment, feeling like Li Er had been Ye Fan’s pawn for so many years.
“Okay, let’s stop here today. Mr. Xu, send me downstairs.” After Ye Fan finished speaking, he didn’t stay for long. He called Xu Lei and left the Shanshui Hall together.
“Mr. Chu, walk slowly.” At the entrance of the hall, Li Er couldn’t help swallowing secretly as he looked at the backs of the two going away and Xu Lei’s enchanting curves.
“Mom, this woman, Xu Lei, is such a wicked evildoer. No wonder even Mr. Chu called her to give it away.” Li Er sighed for a while, but he was envious, but Li Er didn’t have the guts to molest Xu Lei. Ruthless role.
“This kind of thorny rose, I am afraid that Mr. Chu can be conquered, right?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Li Er glanced back again, then greeted Jin Bao Yin Bao and returned to his residence together.
On the way back, Xu Lei drove the car, and Ye Fan sat next to her. The scent of Xu Lei’s body was full of her breath.
Anyone with a certain identity in Yunzhou would be shocked to see this scene.
Who is Xu Lei?
With Yunzhou Li Erye, each is in charge of half the sky in Yunzhou!
This kind of person, the mayor of Yunzhou City had to confess to it, after all, his political achievements depended on the support of these business leaders. However, it is this kind of strong woman who horrified Jingzhou with such a beautiful and fierce reputation. Now in front of Ye Fan, she is quiet like a kitten, willing to be a driver to send him home.
At this moment, Ye Fan turned on the radio and looked out the window while listening to music.
His eyes were calm and clear, and Xu Lei could not see anything strange in his eyes. As if sitting beside him is not a mature temptation demon
The evil beauty is just like a rough man.
Xu Lei had to be slightly surprised, she was somewhat confident in her charm. If other men are alone with themselves, I am afraid that it will be difficult for them to hold on. But the person in front of him didn’t even bother to look at himself, and couldn’t see any covetousness or enthusiasm for himself in his eyebrows.
“stop looking.”
“You are not as good-looking as my wife, I am not interested in you.”
At the time of Xu Lei’s accident, Ye Fan’s sudden words barely made Xu Lei angry.
Does anyone talk like that?
God, how can such a man have a wife?
Xu Lei’s face flushed with anger at this time, and she straightened her chest angrily. Seeing Xu Lei like this, it seems to be very unconvincing.
“Don’t stand up.”
“It’s not as plump as my wife.”
Ye Fan’s subsequent words almost made Xu Lei’s nose crooked.
The high-speed friction between the tires and the ground drew a sharp noise.
“get off!”
“Go back by yourself, this lady won’t give it away.”
Xu Lei flushed, her sullen voice sounded immediately.
The door opened and Ye Fan was driven out.
The night wind was breezy, Ye Fan was wrapped in thin clothes, but he was thrown on the roadside alone.
Looking at the BMW car that was leaving in the dust, Ye Fan smiled helplessly.
“Damn, are you so arrogant? Can’t tell the truth?”
“Hey, it seems that all women are the same.”
Ye Fan originally thought that a strong woman like Xu Lei should not care too much about these things.
But Nyima, who would have thought that under Xu Lei’s cold and majestic aura, there was such a proud heart. Finally got angry, and threw him on the road directly.
“Hey, I’m also cheap.”
“Yes, go back and enjoy the night view.”
Ye Fan gave a wry smile.

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