A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 481

Pity the parents of the world.
In this world, which father does not want his son to become a dragon, and which mother does not want his daughter to become a phoenix?
Shen Jiuyi is no exception.
Although he was harsh and criticized and even beaten Shen Fei on weekdays, his anger was hatred for iron and steel!
Does he not want Shen Fei to be successful?
Does he not want to go out and hear others praise him for raising a good son?
Of course, he thought that after Shen Jiuyi became famous, what he most expects now is that Shen Fei can win honor to the Shen family and give him a face as a father.
But before Shen Fei did a lot of bastard things, so that Shen Jiuyi almost gave up on his ineffective son. Now that Shen Fei has made such a great contribution to the company, no one is happier than Shen Jiuyi.
Early the next morning, Shen Jiuyi held a board meeting. One was to discuss how to dispose of this emperor green, and the other was to nominate Shen Fei to the board of directors.
Of course, these things are for later.
After handing over the rough emerald stone to Shen Fei for disposal, Ye Fan was ready to go home with 222fe7b5. Remember to read in one second
However, as soon as he arrived at the gate of the community, Ye Fan saw a stunning figure, standing alone under the street lamp. With the help of the dim light, Ye Fan vaguely saw her red eyes and heartbreaking crystals.
It seems that she was crying.
Ye Fan suddenly couldn’t bear it. He walked up and didn’t ask anything, but said softly, “Mucheng, go home.”
Qiu Mucheng raised her head, her beautiful eyes still shimmering, full of guilt and grievance: “Ye Fan, I’m sorry, I didn’t get the rough jadeite back.”
“They said they were snatched by someone on the road.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words were sad, and she almost looked at Ye Fan with no face.
After all, all things are done by their Qiu family. She was really guilty and only felt sorry for Ye Fan.
There are hundreds of millions of things, that’s it.
Qiu Mucheng knew very well what those things meant to Ye Fan.
If he didn’t lose it, Ye Fan could live a better life without being looked down upon or looked down upon.
But now, everything is messed up, and they are messed up by their Qiu family.
The more Qiu Mucheng thought about it, the more she felt guilty and wronged.
With such a group of relatives, not only did they feel wronged, but also caused Ye Fan to be bullied with her.
However, when he heard the news, Ye Fan just smiled faintly, and the whole person was still calm: “Mucheng, it’s okay, my person, maybe this kind of fate. This kind of overnight wealth is destined to miss me. .”
“Furthermore, how do you know if you are not happy?”
“Speaking of which, I have to thank the uncle and them. If they hadn’t taken the rough emerald stone, it would be us who was robbed by then.”
“From this perspective, we also avoided a disaster, don’t you think?”
Ye Fan’s calm laughter made Qiu Mucheng a little startled.
She raised her head, looked at Ye Fan with her beautiful red eyes, and said softly: “Ye Fan, do you really think so?”
“Don’t you blame me, don’t you blame my uncle and grandfather, don’t you blame our Qiu family?”
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “I have said it, don’t complain, I have to thank them.”
“There is nothing to complain about, just when we went out for a game today. Compared to when we went in the morning, although we didn’t get anything, we didn’t lose anything, didn’t we?”
“Okay, let’s go home soon. Today is the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, we are back so late, parents and they probably have to wait in a hurry.”

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