A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 482

Ye Fan smiled and comforted, and then went home with Qiu Mucheng.
After returning home, Han Li Qiulei and the others were already asleep. After both Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng finished washing, they both went back to the room to rest.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t lock the bedroom door this time, and even deliberately opened half of it. But what made Qiu Mucheng angry is that Ye Fan didn’t even notice that he had left the door for him. In the end, Ye Fan was still alone. I went to bed in the study.
“Huh, it’s really a piece of wood. Do you like sleeping in the study so much? You have the ability to be in my bed all your life!”
In the boudoir, Qiu Mucheng was lying on the bed, holding the quilt alone, sulking. Under the lace nightdress, a pair of jade legs curled up randomly, and the soft skin looked like warm jade, but under the moonlight, it was so intoxicating.
At this time, Qiu Mucheng suddenly remembered the scene of the auction tonight when she was angry, and she was shocked: “Ye Fan, in that respect, is it really bad, right?”
No wonder Qiu Mucheng is so suspicious. After all, there is a wife who is like a jade flower in the family. Who can bear it if it is a man?
And Ye Fan endured this for three years.
For three years, Ye Fan remained indifferent to her from beginning to end.
This is not a normal man’s performance at all!
In addition, at the auction tonight, the first thing Ye Fan did after he was rich was to buy a bunch of kidney and aphrodisiac things. The connection of all these things made Qiu Mucheng doubt Ye Fan’s ability. First URL m.
After this thought appeared, it was out of control, so that Qiu Mucheng couldn’t sleep at all toss and turns.
“No, it’s about my future marriage happiness, I have to verify it.”
In the end, Qiu Mucheng couldn’t help it. She sat up on the bed and quickly put on her makeup. Then she found a small white suit in the closet, and matched it with a black short skirt with lace trim underneath. , She wore a high-end silk stocking on her snow-white jade legs, and finally she took out the pair of red sole high heels she treasured.
Naked slender feet, red cardamom. The matching of suits and skirts shows the ultimate uniform temptation, coupled with exquisite makeup, and the charming and fragrant wood fragrance from the delicate body. Today’s Qiu Mucheng, under the moonlight, was so alluring and intoxicating.
After some careful dressing, Qiu Mucheng walked out of the room and knocked on the study door lightly.
“Huh? Who?” The light was still on in the study, and Ye Fan didn’t have anyone. He suddenly wondered when he heard the knock on the door. It was so late.
Who is knocking on the door?
“Ye Fan, it’s me. I seemed to have seen a mouse just now, and I was scared, can you come and stay with me for a while?” Outside the door, Qiu Mucheng’s gentle voice came, like a baby.
Qiu Mucheng rarely spoke to Ye Fan in this tone, and Ye Fan frowned at the time.
What the hell is this girl doing?
However, when his wife had spoken, how could Ye Fan ignore it, so he had to go and help her catch mice. However, the moment Ye Fan looked at the door, after seeing Qiu Mucheng in front of him, he stayed there, his eyes widened.
“Mu… Mucheng, you…what’s wrong with you?”
“How do you dress like this at night?” Ye Fan almost looked straight at the time, swallowed fiercely, and asked tremblingly.
“What’s the matter, don’t it look good when I wear it like this?” Qiu Mucheng leaned against the door, her beautiful eyes soft and tender. When speaking, he stretched out his graceful and charming body for a while, and his amorous appearance made Ye Fan’s eyes twitch, and his heart was even more painful.
Will something happen if you wear this way this big night?

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