A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 483

Isn’t this woman deliberately trying to seduce herself and see her ugliness?
Ye Fan thought to himself, after all, all of this is too abnormal, but instead of going to sleep at night, he came and knocked on the door like this?
Glancing at Qiu Mucheng in front of him again, Ye Fan severely suppressed the charming thoughts in his heart, and then went straight out of the study to Qiu Mucheng’s bedroom.
But Ye Fan looked around, and there was no shadow of a mouse.
“It is estimated that you read it wrong, right?”
“This is the fifth floor. How could there be mice.”
“It’s late, go to bed now?”
Ye Fan persuaded Qiu Mucheng.
But Qiu Mucheng didn’t intend to let Ye Fan go. She was afraid, and Ye Fan had no choice but to stay on the floor in the bedroom to sleep.
“Mucheng, go to bed early.”
Ye Fan closed his eyes and said, looking tired, but he didn’t look at Qiu Mucheng again. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
This made the well-dressed Qiu Mucheng very angry, and her heart became more and more suspicious, is there really something wrong with Ye Fan?
Soon after the lights were turned off, the room was quiet.
However, Ye Fan was about to fall asleep, but suddenly there was a burst of light low groans next to him.
The voice was soft as bones, so charming, like a woman’s delicate breathing.
Ye Fan was full of agitation at the time, his original sleepiness disappeared, and he only felt hot in his lower abdomen.
“What is this dead woman doing?”
“Really seducing me?”
“Still really lonely?”
“No, it’s impossible, how could an iron lady like Qiu Mucheng be stunned? It must be to punish me.”
“I have to hold back!”
Ye Fan covered his ears and once again suppressed the restless heat in his heart.
However, Qiu Mucheng obviously got into Ye Fan. She really didn’t want to believe that Ye Fan was really flawed in some way?
Gradually, the delicate breath became more and more rapid, so that Ye Fan was suffering.
Although Qiu Mucheng has never experienced men and women, but now the Internet is so developed, a lot of spoof short videos are being posted all over the sky, so Qiu Mucheng still knows a little about this charming and charming Qiu Mucheng.
At this time, learning is also vivid.
“Qiu Mucheng, you forced me to do this~”
After all, Ye Fan was a sturdy man, and Qiu Mucheng seduce him in such a way, this dry firewood was undoubtedly burned instantly.
Ye Fan didn’t hold it back after all, got up and rushed towards Qiu Mucheng.
“Asshole, what are you doing, stop~”
Qiu Mucheng was suddenly panicked, knowing that the game was too big this time, and then she couldn’t help struggling. But the more Qiu Mucheng struggled, the fire was undoubtedly more intense.
Just when the shot was out of control, with a bang, the door was pushed open.
Han Li and Qiulei ran in and turned on the lights. When they saw Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng on the same bed at this time, they were undoubtedly furious. They walked over and pulled Ye Fan down: “Ye Fan, You bastard, what are you doing?”
“How dare you?”
“How dare you bully Mucheng?”
“I’m fighting with you!”
Han Li’s eyes were red at the time, and she wanted to fight Ye Fan desperately, but Qiu Mucheng quickly stopped her.
“Mom, I’m fine, don’t blame Ye Fan.” Qiu Mucheng winked while hugging her mother and let Ye Fan hurry to the study.
“You bastard, don’t go, you come back to me, today I have to smash your dog legs! If you dare to defile my daughter, you don’t look at your own virtues? Toads want to eat swan meat, are you worthy of you? “Han Li was going crazy.
She has always been extremely disgusted and contemptuous of Ye Fan. Now that she sees the scene before her, how can she not be angry?

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