A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 491

Yunzhou City, Dongcheng District.
Li Er, who had been waiting outside, didn’t see Ye Fan coming out of the inside for a long time. Suddenly he was puzzled, so he called Wang Donglai again.
“People are still being held?”
“Wang Ju, you are the director of the city bureau, and it doesn’t work for you to speak?”
“You mean 28957998, someone has a background older than you?”
“Well, I will think of a way.”
After understanding the situation, Li Er’s expression also sank.
“Second Lord, what’s the matter?”
“It’s just a small branch, can’t it be done by the king?” The two brothers, Jinbao and Yinbao, were suddenly puzzled. First URL m.
Li Er shook his head, and solemnly said, “The temple is small, and there are experts.”
“Unexpectedly, a small deputy captain has such a hard background.”
“Does it matter in the province?”
“Now things are difficult.”
Li Er’s face was gloomy and very troublesome.
In recent years, although Li Er has a lot of contacts, most of them are in Yunzhou. So in the province, he really doesn’t have any reliable relationship.
No way, Li Er had to contact Chen Ao.
Jiang Hai is Chen Ao’s territory, and he should be able to speak in the province.
“Mr. Chu was arrested?”
“When did this happen?”
“Two days!”
“Ciao, Li Er, you old thing, why didn’t you say it earlier?”
“You wait, I’ll be over!”
After Chen Ao got the news, he was undoubtedly shocked.
Regardless of being on vacation with his wife and daughter in the hot springs, he changed his clothes and drove to Yunzhou quickly.
At the same time, Chen Ao also began to use the relationship, contacting people in the provincial government to help find people.
Not to mention that Ye Fan is now the king of Jiangdong, dominating the entire Jiangdong secular business community. More importantly, Ye Fan is still his benefactor, his benefactor that Chen Ao quickly became the leader in Jiangdong.
How can Chen Ao forget the former kindness?
“Dad, what’s the matter? So anxious?” At this time, it was the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. His own father answered the phone and left in a hurry. Chen Nan was suddenly full of doubts.
“Nan Nan, something happened to your Xiao Fan brother.”
“Ah? What?” Chen Nan’s pretty face was also white at the time, and his heart trembled.
“It’s too late to say, you go with me and go see Mr. Chu together.”
As the so-called adversity sees the true love, the more Ye Fan is in such a distress, the closer the relationship with Ye Fan is undoubtedly.
Not only the relationship between the monarch and the minister, but also the relationship between the children.
Whoosh whoosh~
With the wheels speeding, a luxury car was as fast as an arrow, and it seemed crazy to rush to Yunzhou.
Yunzhou City, Dongjiao Branch.
After the turmoil just now, Ye Fan was still honestly handcuffed in the interrogation room.
But the faces of Ren Han and others are not pretty.
Just now Ren Han had a fallout with Wei Ju, and the players under Ren Han stood aside at this time, afraid to say anything, waiting for Ren Han’s instructions.
At this moment, the interrogation room was silent, a bit strange in anger and silence.
In the end, Ye Fan’s chuckle and whispers broke the silence here.
“Women don’t give up, as the captain, although you have wronged me and I am very upset with you. But I have to admit that the integrity of the captain has to be admired.”
“You shut up!” Ren Han was still angry, but now he heard Ye Fan’s words, he was naturally even more angry.
After glaring at him, they were sent back: “Watch him. If there is any obstacle, notify me immediately!”
After Ren Han finished giving orders, he turned and left.
After she went out of the interrogation room, she did not idle, but started to investigate Ye Fan’s background and connections.
She wanted to see, who was the real reliance behind Ye Fan?

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