A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 492

Maybe, she can follow Ye Fan’s breakthrough point and dig a group of lawless people.
“In just two days, someone started fishing for him.”
“This is undoubtedly confirmed from the side, this e19a7bf0 Ye Fan is not an ordinary person. Even behind him, it is very likely that some heinous cases may be involved.”
“Because of this, the people behind him, after learning that he was arrested, panicked, became anxious, and guilty conscience and anxiously fished him out.”
“The more this is the case, the less we can let him go, we must investigate clearly what is behind him.”
Ren Han thought to himself, his eyebrows became firmer.
She studied criminal investigation and has a good understanding of this aspect. The breakthroughs in many major and serious cases in history were small things.
Just like Ye Fan’s situation now, only one fight had already alarmed the people behind him, and the phone calls went to Wei Ju.
This investigation took several hours.
However, what made Ren Han even more puzzled was that after she read all Ye Fan’s files, she found that Ye Fan was just like his name, nothing more ordinary. It can even be said to be embarrassing.
Born in the countryside, he joined Zuoqiu’s family three years ago and became a son-in-law. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Otherwise, nothing is achieved.
Ren Han had to be curious, this kind of life can be said to be a shameless person, what did he rely on to get Wei Ju to come forward to catch him? What is it to rely on to make him so arrogant and unscrupulous?
When Ren Han was curious, one of her team members rushed in in a panic.
“Assuming the team, it’s not good, the city bureau is here.”
“City Bureau? Who?” Ren Han wondered.
“It’s Director Wang Donglai Wang. The chief of the City General Administration~” the police officer said in a panic and panic.
“All the kings are here?”
“Quickly, take me over!”
Ren Han realized the seriousness of the matter and ran over quickly.
At this time, Li Er and Wang Donglai were both present, and Wei Ju stood respectfully to let Ye Fan be released.
“Can’t let him go!”
Ren Han ran over and shouted again, still not letting go, and grabbed the key and held it in his hand.
“Ren Han, you are presumptuous!”
“Do you dare to disobey Wang Ju’s order?” Wei Ju exclaimed.
Ren Han was not afraid, but said righteously: “I don’t know what Wang Juwei is. I only know that a guilty person must never let him get away with it!”
“So, Ye Fan, no matter who comes, you can’t let him go!”
“You~” Wei Ju was almost pissed off by Ren Han.
Both Wang Donglai and Li Er had pale faces.
In this case, Li Er, a citizen, could not speak. But Wang Donglai was able to speak, but he was helpless.
After all, Ren Han does not eat her way!
“Well, you Ren Han, with your father’s power, you even disrespect Wang Ju?”
Ren Han coldly replied: “If you think so, then I can’t help it. But I still said that, Ye Fan can’t let go, and Wang Ju’s plea is useless.”
“What about adding me?”
This is a low voice coming from outside.
I saw Chen Ao in a formal suit, with prestigious eyebrows, striding meteors, and walking with his head high.
“This…this is, King Jiangdong, Chen Ao?”
“Deputy to the Provincial People’s Congress? Leader of the business community?”

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