A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 497

“Little Lord, are you okay?”
“If you are not released again, I am ready to use a “Tiger”-level strike to directly push the Dongcheng District Branch and rescue you.”
On the other side of the phone, an anxious and worried voice came from Old Han.
The incident of Ye Fan’s arrest obviously made Old Han, who was thousands of miles away, extremely worried.
Now that he heard Ye Fan’s voice again, Old Han let out a long sigh of relief. The stone in my heart fell to the ground.
“Old Han, it’s just a trivial matter. Your reaction is a little too big.” Ye Fan shook his head and smiled softly at the phone.
“No, Lord, it’s not a trivial matter.”
“I seriously suspect that someone in the Chu family set up a bureau specifically for you.”
“I want to take the opportunity of the government to get rid of you!”
“Little lord, you can’t care about this matter.”
“Details determine success or failure, and details determine life and death.” The first website m.
“History has proven countless times that many seemingly trivial things, but behind it is a crisis of almost death~”
“Just like this time, when the other party suddenly attacked you, it directly imprisoned you, even cut you off from the outside world, and kept you locked up for two days. Lord, do you know that in two days, a professional assassin can do it? How many assassinations, one…”
“Okay, Old Han, don’t say anything, I care, can I pay special attention to it in the future?” Ye Fan smiled helplessly at this time. He guessed that if he didn’t accept Old Han’s opinion at this time, This old guy is afraid that he can talk to him till dawn.
How can this be?
Ye Fan had to go home to see his wife in a hurry.
“By the way, the people in the imperial capital are yours, right?”
“It’s okay to scare a little bit. This matter doesn’t have to be too much trouble. Ren Han has a good character, and we shouldn’t embarrass others too much.”
When he heard Ren Han’s father say that people from the imperial capital were coming to find him himself, Ye Fan had already guessed that, in order to find himself, Han Lao was afraid that he would also end up personally.
Ye Fan did not expect that he thought a small misunderstanding, and finally made such a big movement.
Not only Chen Ao and others came from Jianghai, but also the “foreshadowing” that Ye Fan buried in the Imperial Capital.
“No, little lord, this person detained you for two days for no reason. I seriously suspect that their Ren family is the minion of the Chu family, so…”
“Ciao, it’s endless, right? Everything is the minion of the Chu family, and everyone is an assassin sent by the Chu family? Why don’t you give me nonsense again, I will do it with you!” I heard the call. , The old thing kept talking about these and some, even if Ye Fandang exploded, he would swear directly.
“I’ll say it again, don’t embarrass Ren’s family. Treat Ren’s family as I said, have you heard?” Ye Fan’s words were low, with indisputable majesty.
Sure enough, after being scolded by Ye Fan, Old Han was honest, no more nonsense, and he immediately agreed and replied respectfully: “Yes.”
“Yeah. It’s not good for Zao Te. I have to scold you to be obedient.” Ye Fan shook his head and said slowly. Then he hung up the phone and returned home.
At this time, it was at night, Qiu Mucheng’s house was brightly lit.
Sun Yuhao and Han Hai were also there. Since the last Mid-Autumn Festival eve together and had a meal together, with Han Li’s efforts tonight, Sun Yuhao was once again called home by Han Li, a table full of people. Eating.
“Look, what a good table this is.”
“The people who should be there are all there, and the people who shouldn’t be there are gone. The family sits neatly and eats a meal together.”
“The so-called family happiness is nothing more than that, right?”

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