A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 498

Han Li laughed haha, Qiulei laughed from ear to ear, pulling Sun Yuhao for a drink.
Especially after Han Li and others heard that Sun Yuhao had turned the tide at the auction, defeated the rich and powerful at a price of more than two billion yuan, won the final auction item in one fell swoop, and obtained the opportunity to face Mr. Chu, Han Li and his wife. People are undoubtedly more satisfied with Sun Yuhao’s son-in-law.
More than two billion, and then throw it out.
How rich is this Sun family in Jianghai?
In the future, if Han Li becomes Sun Yuhao’s mother-in-law, she won’t be endlessly prosperous?
Thinking of this, Han Li’s gaze at Sun Yuhao was undoubtedly more joyful, and she called Sun Yuhao son-in-law directly at the table.
At this time, the dinner table was full of joy and laughter.
Especially Han Li and Qiulei, as if Ye Fan were arrested and imprisoned for them, it didn’t happen at all. Since Ye Fan was taken away that day, the couple have been in charge from beginning to end. I didn’t care, I didn’t ask.
I’m afraid, Qiu Mucheng is the only one in this family who is still thinking about that man.
At this time, she has been depressed.
The gloomy and worried look contrasted sharply with his parents. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Xiao Li, since the obtrusive person has disappeared, I see, the marriage between Mucheng and Yuhao should not be delayed any longer.”
“Now that the hillbilly has been arrested for a crime, he should have divorced him long ago.”
“Xiaoli, you quickly complete the divorce procedures for Mucheng, so that you can get the certificate from Yuhao as soon as possible.” Han Hai also took the opportunity to urge at this time, hoping that Qiu Mucheng would get engaged to Sun Yuhao and get the certificate quickly.
Han Li nodded: “Brother, don’t worry, I have been working on this matter. Isn’t this a holiday these days? When the holiday is over tomorrow, I will immediately take my daughter to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures.”
“The hillbilly is now a prisoner. He should also know that he is even more unworthy of my daughter. When the time comes, we will take out the divorce agreement and he will have no face and dare not sign it.”
“As soon as Mucheng asks that hillbilly to be entangled, I will tell Mucheng to marry Yuhao level immediately. So Yuhao, don’t worry, this marriage between you and Mucheng won’t be long. You just Waiting for the beauty to return~”
Han Li and the others said with joy, the corners of Sun Yuhao’s mouth also showed a look of expectation and joy at this time, and the gaze looking at Qiu Mucheng instantly became tender, hot and infatuated.
However, what Han Li and others did not expect was that Qiu Mucheng had been silent all the time, but suddenly raised her head and solemnly said: “Tomorrow I will not go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, let alone divorce Ye Fan. Myself For my marriage, I don’t need anyone to point fingers. No one has the right to influence my life.”
“Shut up, bastard things, is this your attitude when talking to us?” Han Hai was angry at the time when he heard Qiu Mucheng’s words. He slapped the table and stood up and lashed out at Qiu Mucheng.
“Not yet divorced?”
“Why, do you have to spend a lifetime with a criminal?”
“You don’t know how to be ashamed, but your parents and your uncle still have a face!”

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