A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 5

That night.
The moonlight is like water, and the breeze whispers.
There was a young man standing quietly beside Yunwu Lake. His eyes were deep, watching the waves of the lake.
Yunzhou City is a city of water, with three mountains, six rivers and one farmland since ancient times. Yunwu Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Yunzhou City. It is named because of the perennial clouds and mist on the lake.
“Little lord, let you wait a long time.” An old man’s voice came from behind. It was the old Han before. If the Chu family were here, they would definitely feel tremor, because this Chu family’s chief steward was the biggest under the Chu family’s paternal master. The famous celebrity, in front of the man here, is even more respectful than in front of the Chu Family Patriarch.
“He’s gone?” The man asked faintly, looking at the lake in front of him.
“Well, Lord, the Patriarch has gone. And let me pay more attention to you in the future, so Lord, it will be much easier for us to contact you in the future. Even if I am discovered, my identity will not be exposed.”
Ye Fan was slightly stunned, and said slowly: “Old Han, you have endured the humiliation for me in the Chu family for so many years, and you have worked hard.”
“The little lord is polite. If it wasn’t for the little lord to save me, the old slave would have been corpse in the wilderness. From then on, the old slave swears to be loyal to the little lord as soon as it becomes effective. Don’t say ten years of patience, even if you drink ice for a hundred years, As long as it can help the young master fulfill his long-cherished wish, the old will never complain.”
Ye Fan smiled lightly and patted the old man on the shoulder: “Thank you.”
“Why do you have to thank the young master? The old slave has today, and it is all given by the young master. Moreover, in recent years, the old slave has secretly supported the young master in various parts of China in accordance with the young master’s instructions. Fruitful. This Yunzhou city leader Li Er is one of them. There is also the noble family in Beiquan City, and…” The old man excitedly told Ye Fan about his achievements over the years, just like a gardener. , Proudly showing his master the gorgeous flowers he cultivated. First URL m.
“Little Lord, when will you return to the Chu family? The old slave believes that when you return to the Chu family, all the Chu family members who despised the little master and humiliated the little master’s mother will regret it.” Old Han looked at Ye Fan, his eyes There was hope in the light. Like a veteran who sneaked into the enemy camp, he is always eager for the king’s division to come and sweep the surroundings.
Ye Fan shook his head: “Old Han, it’s not the time yet. The Spark Project needs to continue. However, it won’t take long. When I come to the Chu Family again, it will be the time for Spark to start a prairie fire!”
Ye Fan clenched his palms, but there was an inexplicable light in his eyebrows.
Looking at the young man in his early twenties and the old man beside him, his heart was filled with endless admiration and admiration.
It is estimated that the old man Chu would never have thought that the Chu family’s “evil species” that the whole Chu family looked down upon was just a real dragon.
Ten years ago, Ye Fan was just a teenager, still childish, but the Chu family’s humiliation of their mother and son has long made Ye Fan have a disposition different from ordinary people.
During the years when the Chu family was humiliated, Ye Fan won many Chu family slaves, and Mr. Han was one of them. After Ye Fan’s mother and son were expelled, he even set up a “Spark” plan to give all his mother’s dowry to Old Han. With the hands of Old Han and the power of the Chu family, he invested in those unsung and unknown people in China. .
“The best investment in the world is people!”
“In the beginning, perhaps they were just like sparks, faint and dull, and unknown. But I firmly believe that in time, a single spark will eventually become a prairie fire!”
It is estimated that no one would have thought that these words came from the mouth of a teenager. Old Han at that time, when he heard what Ye Fan said, he was undoubtedly deeply shocked by Ye Fan’s foresight and the calmness of his age.
Now that ten years have passed, Ye Fan’s plan has undoubtedly been successfully verified. This also made Han Lao respect Ye Fan even more.
Not only gratitude, but also deep admiration for Ye Fan’s vision and vision!
“Well. At that time, the old slave will open the Chu family’s house, welcome the little lord, and the king will come!”
The cold wind is bitter, and there are three thousand ripples on the Yunwu Lake.
At this time, after Qiu Muying, Chu Wenfei and others were driven out of Haiyuan Pavilion, they changed to another restaurant.
After all, the engagement banquet must be finished. What’s more, the key link has not been staged yet, and it is naturally impossible for Qiu Muying’s family to let others go back.
However, although it was purely an accident just now, the engagement banquet was kicked out of Haiyuan Pavilion halfway through, and the fourth family lost their face.
Especially Qiu Muying, who wanted to take advantage of this engagement banquet to pretend to be coercive in front of all the family members and make a big show, but who ever wanted to be beaten halfway, this naturally made Qiu Muying feel particularly ashamed. Therefore, he was full of resentment towards Chu Wenfei.
“Yingying, can’t you blame me for this?”
“Who would have thought that a big man would suddenly land in Yunzhou?”
“It’s not your husband and I am incompetent. It’s mainly people who are the chief executives and the bosses of the 100 billion group. So we can’t help it. Your family will definitely understand.” Outside the room, Chu Wenfei comforted. Qiu Muying.
But Qiu Muying was still angered: “Huh, even if things happened in Haiyuan Pavilion, they have always lost my family members. I don’t care. Later, when your family gives me a betrothal gift, you must bring back the face. The more expensive the better, it is better to have one million and one in cash on the list, otherwise I will regret the marriage!”
Back then, her fifth sister, Qiu Muhong, was engaged, and her husband’s family gave it ten thousand and one, which means one in a thousand. Now that she is engaged to Qiu Muying, she will have to pick one out of a million.
“Relax, Yingying. Waiting for the bride price to arrive, it will definitely give you more face in front of the Qiu family.” Chu Wenfei promised, patting his chest.
“It’s pretty much the same.” Qiu Muying let Chu Wenfei go, and then went into the room to continue eating with the Qiu family.
But Chu Wenfei found a place where no one was there and quickly made a call: “Dad, have you prepared the betrothal gift I asked you to prepare? Are you more expensive? The more expensive the better, and an additional one million Cash. This Qiu family is here, we can’t lose face in the Chu family in Yunzhou, or it will be spread out, but yours will be lost.” Chu Wenfei smiled.
“Fuck, you rebel, don’t call me Dad!”
“Stealing the registered permanent residence permits us to get a marriage certificate without telling us. You really dare to do it.”
“If you have the ability, don’t find us if you are engaged or married.”
There was a man’s angry roar over the phone.
Chu Wenfei looked distraught: “Dad, am I not in a hurry to hold your grandson and pass on the family?”
“I can go to Nima! In the upper circle of Yunzhou, who doesn’t know that the daughters of the Qiu family, except for the daughters of the third family, are all gold-worshipers who see money and are narrow-minded! This kind of bastard! Do you dare to marry a woman? My Chu family’s face has long been lost by you!”
“I want to pay a bride price and pay back a million in cash? I’ll go to Nima and tell that gold-worshipper, even if I die, Chu Yang, she won’t even want to get a point for my Chu family’s property!”
“The bride price? I don’t give a dime!”
“This kind of gold-worshipper wants to be Chu Yang’s daughter-in-law, but I won’t accept it for free!”
With a bang, the phone hung up.
Chu Wenfei suddenly pressed hard, what should I do now. He had promised to Qiu Muying that he would give her an unusually expensive dowry before, and if there was nothing in the end, Qiu Mucheng would not give him a quarrel.

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