A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 6

Chu Wenfei had no choice but to pray that his father would not be so cruel and care about himself. In this way, Chu Wenfei bit his head and returned to the private room again.
“Wen Fei, when will your parents come back from a business trip? This in-law is always going to be seen.” In the room, the old man of the Qiu family asked Xiang Chu Wenfei’s parents again.
After all, this marriage has not been seen by the other’s parents until now, which always makes people feel that their Qiu family girl is not taken seriously.
Chu Wenfei felt a little in his heart, but still lied and said that he would be back soon.
“Wen Fei, why hasn’t your bride price arrived yet?”
“Are your parents dissatisfied with me?” At this time, Qiu Muying couldn’t wait, but complained to Chu Wenfei.
Chu Wenfei was sweating profusely, thinking that if he couldn’t make the offer tonight, how would he end it?
“It’s coming soon.” Chu Wenfei smiled, but his words were extremely unassuming.
Suddenly, there was a roar of cars outside the hotel.
Immediately afterwards, a member of the Qiu family ran in and was overjoyed: “Here is here, fourth, your daughter’s betrothal gift is here.”
“Really?” For a while, the entire Qiu family couldn’t sit still, and Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter were even more excited and excited. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this time, Qiu Mucheng also stood up with everyone and looked out, wanting to see what other people’s dowry was.
“Huh, what to see, it’s not for you.” Qiu Muying gave Qiu Mucheng a triumphant glance, said angrily, and then excitedly followed her husband to greet her outside.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t speak, but lowered her head in loss.
In terms of marriage, Qiu Mucheng is undoubtedly the most useless, marrying a worthless waste, and there was no bride price back then, everything was kept simple.
The wedding should be the most glorious moment for a woman. But for Yu Qiu Mucheng, it was full of shame.
“Second uncle, haha, second uncle, you are finally here.”
“I knew that my dad was just a son like me, he wouldn’t be so cruel.”
Seeing the middle-aged man walking out of the Mercedes-Benz, Chu Wenfeile broke down, pulling Qiu Muying forward to greet him.
“Quickly, Yingying, quickly call your second uncle. In my house, except for my father, the second uncle loves me the most.”
“Humph, no need.” The man sullenly, but hummed coldly.
The hot face pressed a cold ass, Qiu Muying’s face turned pale.
“Second Uncle, what are you doing? Your nephew’s happy day.” Chu Wenfei said bitterly.
Chu Yue ignored this obsessive nephew, but waved her hand to let people move things down.
“Take it away, this is our Yunzhou Chu Family’s dowry for you!”
Chu Yue put a box in front of Qiu Muying and said blankly. Before Father Qiu and the others rushed over, the Chu family had already driven away.
“Why is this leaving?”
“You haven’t said anything yet?” Wang Qiaoyu was puzzled.
Chu Wenfei was a little embarrassed, so he had to excuse that his uncle was still okay.
“Okay, don’t talk about it yet. Come on, his fourth aunt, open the box and let us see, what exactly is Wen Fei’s dowry?”
“Wen Fei’s family is a big family, and the bride price must not be taken lightly.”
“Isn’t it a box of money?”
“I’ll go, how much does it cost for such a big box?”
“His fourth aunt, I really envy you, I found a good son-in-law!”
Qiu family, you say a word to me, both envy and curious.
Wang Qiaoyu and Qiu Muying’s mother and daughter are also full of spring, enjoying this feeling of being flattered, as if standing on the top of life.
Then, after everyone’s curiosity, Qiu Muying opened the big box.
However, the scene of a box of banknotes that everyone expected did not appear.
“what is this?”
“It’s dark, with the smell of tea?”
“It should be a precious treasure that we haven’t seen? Maybe it’s more valuable than gold.” Wang Qiaoyu guessed with a smile.
Jiang Yang walked up, picked up a handful, put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it: “This is tea. Not surprisingly, it should be Longjing in West Lake, a kind of green tea.”
“green tea?”
“No? Xiaoyang, did you make a mistake, who gave the green tea as a gift?” Wang Qiaoyu didn’t believe it, no matter how expensive the tea is, how much can it be worth? She didn’t think that Chu Wenfei’s house would pick up only some green tea.
“Huh? His fourth aunt, look, there are still things buried in the tea?”
At this time, someone yelled, and Wang Qiaoyu suddenly laughed: “Shall I say, how could my daughter be worth a box of green tea. The buried underneath must be gold, no, diamonds, only diamonds match my daughter’s. Worth.”
Wang Qiaoyu was laughing while digging in the tea with his daughter.
“This…this is?”
After digging it out, everyone was even more confused. Because that thing is neither gold nor diamonds, but just a huge clock.
“I see, this watch must be set with diamonds.”
“I saw on TV before that there was a diamond-encrusted watch in Switzerland, which was auctioned for nearly ten million. It was still a U.S. dollar. My house Yingying must also be a diamond-encrusted Swiss watch, even if it’s not worth ten million, at least It’s worth a million.” Wang Qiaoyu was still smiling, and Qiu Muying was holding the watch and couldn’t put it down, trying hard to find the million-worth diamond on it.
“His fourth aunt, let me see.”
At this time, Qiu Mucheng’s mother, Han Li, had taken the watch and looked at it again.
“Be careful, you won’t be able to pay if you break it.” Qiu Muying said in disgust.
“It’s not a Swiss watch, it’s a miscellaneous brand. I just bought one a few days ago. It’s the same style on Taobao. It’s exactly the same with 20 yuan in free shipping.” Han Li said firmly.
“Fuck Nima shit!”
“You are only twenty yuan, and your family is twenty yuan.”
“You are jealous of us, that our family Yingying has found a good husband, and your daughter has found a wasteful, so you are deliberately talking nonsense here.”
“This is the Swiss watch with diamonds!”
Wang Qiaoyu exploded at that time, cursing at Han Li like a mad dog.
“Qiu Mucheng, you are jealous of me, deliberately messing up my engagement party, you go!” Qiu Muying also angrily scolded Qiu Mucheng’s white-eyed wolves for eating and drinking us, and finally messing up here, deliberately slandering us.
“Yingying, Qiaoyu, it’s really ah. Taobao hot item, 20 yuan free shipping, the label has not been removed yet, and the price is still written on it?” At this moment, another person behind him said.
“Fuck, really!”
“Look, I also found it. It’s exactly the same. It is the same on Taobao.”
“Wen Fei’s house what does this mean?”
“Just send a box of green tea for the bride price, and add a watch?”
“Green tea, table?”
“Green tea bitch?”
All of a sudden, the Qiu family members started talking, and they all wondered what the Chu family members meant.
“Give me a green tea watch?”
“Isn’t this calling Yingying a green tea bitch?”
“It’s too much~”
Everyone talked a lot, thinking that although the Qiu Muying family did not have a good character, they couldn’t say so directly. The old man Qiu on the side was trembling with anger when he saw it, and almost burped past.
As for Qiu Muying’s family, their old faces were flushed, and they were almost ashamed, and their faces were undoubtedly completely wiped out.
“Yingying, listen to my explanation~” Chu Wenfei still wanted to make it back at this time.
But Qiu Muying cried at that time, but she didn’t listen at all. She slapped her face and slapped the box full of green tea directly on Chu Wenfei’s face with her red eyes: “Fuck, I am retiring, this lady does not want to see you again !”
“You are the green tea bitch, your whole family is green tea bitch.”
“If you don’t have any money, don’t pretend to be a rich second generation. We are still ashamed if you are not ashamed?” Qiu Muying’s mother Wang Qiaoyu also cursed angrily.
Chu Wenfei had a bitter face, and the scolded face was ashamed, and he was about to flee.
However, at this time, a number of luxury cars came outside the restaurant.
A dozen big men swarmed in directly from the outside like a tide, in suits and shoes, with extraordinary aura.
“Dare to ask, can the third miss of the Qiu family be here? The Chu Family of China, come here to give the bride price!”
For a moment, the audience was silent, everyone was stunned, and Qiu Mucheng was shocked on the spot.
“I… mine?”

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