A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 511

“Mucheng, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity~”
“Come here quickly. The dinner will begin at seven o’clock. Is Yuhao still waiting for you?” Han Hai couldn’t help but persuade him on the phone.
However, Qiu Mucheng finally found an excuse to decline.
Now she is not in the mood to do anything, even going to work is a look of despair. How could she go to the dinner with Sun Yuhao?
What if it is Mr. Chu who is having dinner tonight?
No matter how dignified Mr. Chu is, it has nothing to do with him after all.
What’s the use after going? It’s just looking at the glory of others.
“Uncle Hai, how is it? Did Mucheng agree?”
In front of Haiyuan Pavilion, when Han Hai hung up, Sun Yuhao asked immediately.
Han Hai sighed, but shook his head in embarrassment.
When Sun Yuhao saw this, the joy in his eyebrows dimmed suddenly: “It’s because of that hillbilly?” Remember to read for a second
“Because of the divorce from that country dick, Mucheng is unhappy, so she is not interested in coming to participate, right?”
“No, why? Yuhao, don’t think about it, can you get rid of that wastefulness, is it too late for Mucheng to be happy?” Han Hai immediately replied.
Sun Yuhao shook his head: “Uncle Hai, you don’t need to comfort me. I can see what happened these days. It’s not that Mucheng has no feelings for that hillbilly.”
“Even, Mucheng really already, like him.”
“No, Yuhao. You think too much, that guy is a waste, no matter how stupid Mucheng is, she won’t like him?” Han Hai quickly explained that he was afraid that Sun Yuhao, the niece-in-law, would run away again. .
After all, the future of their daughters and the future of their Han family can all count on Sun Yuhao, his niece.
If this marriage has gone bad, wouldn’t Han Hai have been in vain after such a long effort? He certainly can’t see this happen.
However, how Ren Hanhai explained, Sun Yuhao still shook his head: “Uncle Hai, you don’t have to say any more. I know many things. But I really like Mucheng, and I won’t give up.”
“I just can’t figure it out, Ye Fan is a country dick, what is he better than me, so Mucheng is so devoted to him?”
“Is Sun Yuhao really inferior to a countryman?” Sun Yuhao held his palm tightly, his eyebrows were a little red at that moment, and his fingertips were almost sinking into flesh and blood.
“Brother Yuhao, don’t belittle yourself. That hillbilly doesn’t even have the qualifications to compare with you. My sister Qiu is just bewildered and confused for a while.” Han Feifei also persuaded.
After a long silence, Sun Yuhao quickly calmed down.
“Well, rest assured, I have enough patience to wait. Sooner or later, Mucheng will naturally understand that my Sun Yuhao is much better than that hillbilly!”
“I believe that in a short while, under the charm of my Sun Yuhao, Mucheng will naturally change her mind.” Sun Yuhao’s words were firm, and her eyes looked far away, shining with confidence.
However, just when the three of them were about to enter Haiyuan Pavilion, there was a light laughter behind them.
“Is it early?”
“Huh?” Hearing this familiar voice, the three of Sun Yuhao were stunned.
Afterwards, as if thinking of something, the Han Hai trio immediately turned around and looked back.
“Ye Fan, it really is you.”
“You bastard, are you really lingering?”
“My sister Qiu is about to divorce you, so you are still entangled with her stubbornly?”
“I finally understand why Sister Qiu couldn’t come, because she was hiding from you.”

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