A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 512

Seeing Ye Fan, Han Hai and the three were almost crazy. Han Feifei even shouted angrily without holding back.
Listening to her words, it seemed that Ye Fan was following along to find Qiu Mucheng.
Ye Fan naturally understood the meaning of their words, and immediately replied: “I’m afraid you are misunderstanding.”
“I came here today, not to pester anyone, but to eat here.”
“Eating? Just you?” Han Feifei laughed at that time, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world, “Look at your poor and sour, and come here to eat, can you afford to eat? Last time? This is still in the light of my brother Yuhao.”
“Moreover, you can’t make up nonsense. My brother Yuhao and Mr. Chu are having dinner here tonight. The entire Haiyuan Pavilion is cleared. Even if you have money, you can’t buy a place. What’s more, you are poor. Forced to run out of money?”
“Why, are you still telling us that you are the one Mr. Chu who wants to have dinner with my brother Yuhao?”
Han Feifei was full of sarcasm, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.
Ye Fan was not angry either, but smiled: “You are right, I am what you say, Mr. Chu.”
Let me get rid of Nima!
“Are you Shabi?” The starting website m.
“Just you return Mr. Chu, if you are Mr. Chu, I am Mr. Chu’s fucking.”
“Don’t look in the mirror to see what kind of virtue you are?”
“No money, no power, no ability, don’t tell me, I’m still pretending to be forced to act like this all day. Nonsense!”
“My sister Qiu is really blind, she will marry you?”
Ye Fan’s words undoubtedly angered Han Feifei and others.
After all, anyone who was bluffed by Ye Fan as an idiot would be angry.
“It’s just a idiot!” Sun Yuhao didn’t bother to talk to Ye Fan, gave him a cold look, turned and left.
However, at this time, Han Hai, who had been silent by the side, shouted to Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, come here and I will talk to you.”
Haiyuan Pavilion is located on the bank of Yunwu Lake.
Not only the geographical position is superior, but the environment is also extremely beautiful.
At this moment, Ye Fan and Han Hai stood quietly beside Yunwu Lake.
The breeze rustled three thousand fallen leaves.
After a long silence, Han Hai finally spoke.
He looked at Ye Fan and said coldly: “Let’s talk, how much do you want?”
Ye Fan was slightly puzzled: “Uncle, how much does it cost, I don’t understand?”
Han Hai sneered, “Now, Mucheng is not here, so you don’t have to continue to pretend it.”
“You know that you are not suitable for Mucheng, and you are not good enough for Mucheng, but you have been pestering Mucheng not to let go. Isn’t it just money?”
“Let’s just say, how much money do you want to leave Mucheng, and will not disturb her life in this life?”
Han Hai said coldly, his blunt tone, full of disdain and disgust.
Ye Fan’s expression sank immediately, and frowned, “So you think so. You think I, Ye Fan, are just like you, the picture is “money”?”
Han Hai didn’t want to pay attention to Ye Fan’s false words. Without any nonsense, he directly offered a price: “One hundred thousand, I will give you one hundred thousand, how about leaving Mucheng?”
Ye Fan shook his head, smiled immediately, and asked coldly: “Uncle, are you insulting me or are you insulting Mucheng?”
“Two hundred thousand!” Han Hai continued.
Ye Fan was still smiling, but that smile was full of sarcasm.
“Three hundred thousand!”
Ye Fan remained indifferent.
“Five hundred thousand!” Han Hai’s voice suddenly became louder.
Hearing this, Ye Fan no longer wanted to talk. There is no need to talk anymore.
In their eyes, it is estimated that there is only interest.
Ye Fan shook his head disappointedly, turned around and left.
“Seven hundred thousand!”
“Eight hundred thousand!”
Upon seeing this, Han Hai continued to increase the price in no rush.

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