A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 518

Han Feifei was stunned in place, her body trembling, her pretty face pale. Her red lips were wide open, because of shock, Han Feifei almost forgot to breathe.
A pair of beautiful eyes, staring fiercely, fiercely looking at the figure in front of him who is stepping up to the sky.
After a long time, only one murmured whisper.
“Ye… Ye Fan, Chu… Mr. Chu?”
“This… how is this possible?”
Han Feifei whispered. Suddenly, Han Feifei felt that all her strength had been taken away from her body, and then her body trembled, with full of panic and astonishment, she lay directly on the ground.
Not only Han Feifei, but Han Hai beside him was struck by lightning.
Especially when he saw Li Er, Shen Jiuyi and other countless dignitaries, all worshipping Ye Fan and calling him Mr. Chu, at that moment Han Hai only felt that he was completely confused, his brain was blank, and his heart was even more upset. The stormy sea.
He never thought that an incompetent son-in-law who came from a poor background would have such a monstrous identity behind the seemingly useless son-in-law?
He didn’t even think that Ye Fan, whom they looked down upon before, turned out to be Mr. Chu?
Until now, Han Hai finally understood why Ye Fan would say those things to him before Yunwu Lake? First URL m.
He used to be extremely curious, why Ye Fan, a rural turtle and an incompetent son-in-law, despised the Sun family, despised Sun Yuhao, and despised everyone.
It turns out that this is his confidence.
Just as Ye Fan said before, at this moment, Han Hai finally understood, what kind of existence was the man he despised back then?
For a while, Han Hai was full of loss and self-deprecation.
He had worked hard to get Qiu Mucheng to marry Sun Yuhao, nothing more than to get close to a wealthy family and a big man.
But only now did he understand that the real big man has always been by their side, and has always been his nephew.
Irony, great irony.
Han Hai has counted all the agencies, but he didn’t expect that this would end in the end.
This is true even for Han Hai and his daughter, let alone Sun Yuhao.
If it is said that the people present are hit hardest, it is not Han Feifei, let alone Han Hai, but the Sun Family Master, Sun Yuhao!
At this time, Sun Yuhao, with a pair of pupils, stared at Ye Fan in front of him, his eyes were red, his canthus was about to split, and his whole body was shaking.
No one can understand Sun Yuhao’s mood now.
Is it tremor, frustration, or sadness?
Sun Yuhao never dreamed that Mr. Chu, whom he admired most and regarded as a role model and idol, would turn out to be Ye Fan? Is it the country turtle that he disdains and hates the most, incompetent?
The two different identities are the same person?
He spent two hundred million, just to eat with his most despised waste?
The greatest absurdity in life is nothing more than this!
Sun Yuhao laughed, the laughter was bleak, like fallen leaves in the autumn that no one cares about, and like the remnant snow piled up in the corner of the winter day, the laughter was full of self-deprecation and frustration.
“Ye Fan, Mr. Chu?”
“Ye Fan, Mr. Chu?”
Sun Yuhao staggered and smiled sadly, his eyebrows were flushed, and he looked at the admired man in front of him sluggishly.
At that moment, Sun Yuhao only felt that life had made him a huge joke!

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