A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 525

“Wuhao son-in-law, come here quickly.”
“Are Mucheng and I waiting for you here?”
“Ye Fan’s wimpy is next to me. When you come, I will show you Mucheng divorce with that wimpy, and I will immediately ask you to get the certificate at 02923c14.”
“I know, you can’t wait to get married with my daughter.”
“At that time, when your betrothal gift arrives in the future, I will let you hold the wedding immediately.”
Outside the Civil Affairs Bureau, Han Li took the phone and spoke to Sun Yuhao with a gentle smile. At the thought of the extravagant betrothal gift that the Sun family would send in the future, Han Li’s old face smiled like honey.
When Qiu Muying got engaged, Chu Wenfei’s family sent a million-dollar sports car. Han Li thought that Jiang Haisun’s family was richer than Chu Wenfei’s family, and no matter how it was given, it would certainly not be worse than Chu Wenfei’s family. Up.
Han Li has already decided that Sun Yuhao will have to give her daughter a salary of 1.01 million.
My daughter, she is one of a million!
If you want to marry, of course you have to get a million!
Of course, this is just a bride price, and the rest of the bride price, three gold jewellery, luxury cars, etc., cannot be omitted. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Han Li has almost thought about her family’s future rich and luxurious life after her daughter married Sun Yuhao.
However, just when Han Limei was immersed in the fantasy of the future.
The voice over the phone smashed Han Li’s dreams in an instant.
“bride price?”
“Hire your mother!”
“You old lady, old Shabi, am I really the ancestor of the eight generations?”
“You really want to die, don’t hurt me!”
On the other end of the phone, Sun Yuhao was almost crying.
He didn’t expect that Han Li, an old immortal, would dare to call him to cheat him? Calling his son-in-law? Let him marry Qiu Mucheng? Still in front of Ye Fan?
Let me go!
Sun Yuhao was frightened mad at the time, and his heart slaughtered Han Li.
Before, he didn’t know Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, he was ignorant and fearless.
He already knew Ye Fan’s identity.
Who is that? That’s Mr. Chu, damn Jiangdong?
But Han Li, let him keep persuading him to snatch his wife from Mr. Chu?
Didn’t it hurt him? Didn’t this make him Sun Yuhao die?
Sun Yuhao had no doubt that if he really went today, he would never see the sun tomorrow.
“Yu… Son-in-law, did you admit the wrong person?”
“I’m your mother, Mucheng’s mother, and Han Li, your Uncle Hai’s sister.”
Sun Yuhao was scolded by Sun Yuhao, Han Li was also confused at the time. I thought that Sun Yuhao had admitted the wrong person, otherwise, he would be his mother-in-law, and he, the son-in-law, would have the courage to scold her.
So Han Li deliberately reiterated her identity.
“Return to my mother?”
“Mom peat!”
“I scolded you.”
“You son of a bitch, I was almost killed by your bastard.”
“You have eyes and no beads, you dare to provoke anyone?”
“You want me to marry your daughter and call my son-in-law, do you want to cheat me?”
“Grass mud horse, you dare to call me again, I will let people kill you!”
“I want to find someone to be your son-in-law, whoever you like to find, don’t come to me any more, I want to live a few more years, don’t pit me.”

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