A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 532

Of course, Qiu Muying’s remarks were not purely rhetorical. For today’s dinner, Qiu Muying also did her homework. She asked Chu Wenfei to investigate Wang Xingduo’s preferences from his father. .
If you ask for something like this, of course you have to do what you like.
When people are happy, some things are easier.
“Father, did you hear what your granddaughter said?”
“Just put a hundred hearts on it.”
“With such a promising granddaughter and grandson-in-law, this month, our Qiu family’s Qiushui property can definitely be managed!” Qiu Guang laughed.
The old man Qiu on the side also laughed from ear to ear, and said good words again and again.
In fact, as early as many years ago, Mr. Qiu wanted to enter real estate.
After all, the ceiling of the logistics industry is too low and the industry is highly competitive, making it difficult to do it every year. However, it is a pity that Mr. Qiu has always suffered from insufficient funds, so for so many years, Qiu Shui Real Estate has only stayed in the imagination.
Now, relying on the previous capital injection and loans of the Hongqi Group, the Qiu family undoubtedly has a lot of funds. With the money, Old Man Qiu also began to restless in his heart. Remember to read in one second
Especially after learning that Qiu Mucheng had become the boss of a real estate company, Mr. Qiu couldn’t sit still even more. Qiu Mucheng couldn’t make money for this money, so he made a decisive decision and decided to formally enter real estate.
“But Yingying, Mucheng is a bit rebellious, but the blood of my Qiu family is still in her body. We used to be a stalker, and we smashed her qualification certificate for the Mufan real estate. You said this, we are It’s not that you did a little too much.” After laughing, the old man Qiu remembered the things before, and he couldn’t help feeling a little guilty in his heart, and said with a sigh.
Yes, the reason why the qualification certificate of Mufan real estate suddenly stopped approving was because the Qiu family was in trouble.
Chu Wenfei’s family is engaged in real estate, and Wang Xingduo is in charge of this in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Both parties are acquaintances. With this relationship, it is undoubtedly easy for Qiu Muying to pass her husband’s qualification review for Huang Mufan Group.
“Grandpa, what’s wrong with this?”
“The Mufan Group, a small broken company, has been managed by an inexperienced woman in Qiu Mucheng, with a registered capital of only a few million. This kind of enterprise has no qualifications to enter the real estate industry.”
“Furthermore, the real estate approvals are so strict now that the Bureau of Industry and Commerce only places six places in half a year. Now there is only one place left, and of course those who can get it.”
“If they pass the approval, our Qiushui Real Estate can only wait for the review next year.”
“Can you calculate this time cost?”
“The shopping mall is like a battlefield. There is no relationship between competitors.”
“Starting a business, building a company, and scouring the sand, can only those who can have the last laugh.”
“She Qiu Mucheng didn’t get approval, so she can only say that she has no abilities. No wonder we.”
“Even if we don’t engage her, there will definitely be other companies engaging them.”
“Furthermore, Qiu Mucheng deceived her master to destroy her ancestors. That day, she gave 3ff8b519 a broken stone and questioned you in public? You have no respect for Grandpa.
“This kind of unfilial daughter, grandpa, what guilt do you have.”
“To blame, I can only blame my third sister herself, who is not capable of taking the lead, acting in a chaotic manner, and not losing his life?”
“Just like her, she still runs a company and doesn’t look at her own virtues.” Qiu Muying said coldly, with sneers and sarcasm all over her eyes.
Deep down in my heart, it is full of pride.
She estimated that Qiu Mucheng would never have thought that they were responsible for the approval of Mufan’s company!

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