A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 546

Lu Wenjing’s small face was worried, and she said to Qiu Mucheng with concern.
Qiu Mucheng smiled: “Little fool, sister Qiu is fine.”
“I’m having a good time now. Go back and tell your mother, don’t worry about us.”
“Your sister Qiu is now the big boss of the company. The annual salary is so much money, enough to support this family.”
“No, Sister Qiu, you are a lie!” However, what made Qiu Mucheng didn’t expect was that Lu Wenjing was like a cat with exploded fur after she said this, and her eyes instantly turned red.
“Sister Qiu, you are not doing well, you are not doing well at all.”
“Before you were such a beauty-loving person, you think you are not even willing to buy cosmetics now.”
“I saw it just now. The makeup on your dressing table has been used up for a long time.”
“Also, my aunt said, your TVs have been broken for a long time, and you don’t want to buy new ones.”
“Before you were so exquisite and so particular, now you are all starting to wear clothes you bought on the roadside.”
“Sister Qiu, you are not doing well, not at all.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
While speaking, Lu Wenjing wept and cried.
Perhaps, she really felt sorry for Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng did not speak, but gently helped Lu Wenjing wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes.
“Quietly, your sister Qiu is really fine.”
“Happiness does not necessarily mean wealth, does it?”
“Now your Sister Qiu may not have much money, but her life can pass.” Qiu Mucheng smiled faintly, with warmth in her heart and an inexplicable sorrow.
She also didn’t expect that their family is now down to the point where her sister is pitiful.
Qiu Mucheng had always had a strong temper, and it was naturally uncomfortable to feel pityed by others.
“Sister Qiu, don’t talk anymore.”
“Happiness is not necessarily rich, but poverty will not be happy.”
“My mother asked me to bring you these money, and I hope it will relieve you of your coal burning urgency.”
While talking, Lu Wenjing took out a lot of cash from her schoolbag and handed 9fec0067 to Qiu Mucheng.
But with Qiu Mucheng’s temperament, how could it be possible to accept it.
“Quiet, you can’t ask for this money.”
“If you don’t take it back, I will be angry.”
After all, Lu Wenjing couldn’t help Qiu Mucheng, so she had to collect the money.
During the meal, Han Li and his wife asked Qiu Mucheng about his work again and asked them when the company’s salary was paid.
Qiu Mucheng only said that it was coming soon.
But Han Li and his wife could clearly hear how lack of confidence in Qiu Mucheng’s words.
“Mucheng, if you want me to say, you should change your job.”
“Your company is not reliable.”
“I passed by your place today. There were not many employees, and they looked lifeless.”
“Is this what the new company should look like?”
“I guess it will close in a few days, right?”
Hearing this, the worries on Lu Wenjing’s face increased.
He once again said that Qiu Mucheng should accept the money. Of course, Han Li and his wife would not refuse to come, but Qiu Mucheng still insisted not to accept it.
Qiu Mucheng is a strong person, she doesn’t like this feeling of being sympathized by others.
Lu Wenjing also had no choice but to find another way to help her sister Qiu.

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