A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 58

After speaking, Chu Wenfei walked over and spoke to the security guard with a condescending look: “You are humble, short-sighted, and it is normal not to know me. But you have to think about it clearly. Mr. Shen offended me. Everyone went to apologize to me personally, if you, a little person, offend me, it’s not just as simple as an apology.”
“Why don’t you go away, let us go!”
At the end of the conversation, Chu Wenfei suddenly drank, and the sound of ice cold scared the security guard for a moment.
At this time, the security guard was also a little confused.
“Is the person in front of you really Mr. Chu?”
“But the car is wrong, these are not the cars we sent out to pick up people,”
The security guard thought about it, and then looked at Chu Wenfei, his tone of voice suddenly became much weaker, and he smiled and said, “Mr., I don’t have enough authority. I have to go in and ask my superiors.”
“Please also ask for instructions. Okay, let’s go. Tell your leaders and say Chu Wenfei, the son of Chu Yang, came to the banquet. If you neglect me, his ten lives are not enough to kill.” Chu Wenfei sneered and pretended The sound of forcedness made the security face pale in fright.
I didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore, I went back to ask for instructions.
“Wen Fei still has the ability.” Remember to read the book for a second
“Seeing that the security guard was so scared just now, it is estimated that Wen Fei will have to kneel on the ground for a while to make amends.”
The Qiu family talked and laughed, waiting like a joke, waiting for the security guard to know Chu Wenfei’s identity and ran to kneel to beg for mercy.
“The thing that doesn’t have eyes is here.”
“Wait for a good show?”
Soon, the security asked for instructions and returned. Wang Qiaoyu and others smiled triumphantly, Qiu Muying’s mouth also showed an inexplicable smile. Everyone in the Qiu family watched from the side.
“How about it, are you finished?” Chu Wenfei hugged Qiu Muying’s slender waist with a teasing smile, condescendingly looking at the security guard in front of him.
The security nodded: “Well, the request is over.”
“So why don’t you knelt down and apologize for this young man!”
“I, Chu Wenfei, is a distinguished guest invited by your boss. You a scornful servant, dare to embarrass me?”
“It’s really a bear heart and leopard gall!”
Chu Wenfei drank again immediately. He was not big, but it was quite big.
“Well, for the sake of Mr. Shen’s face, Master Ben won’t let you kneel. You just let Master Ben lose face in front of your relatives, so you can just slap yourself and make amends.”
Chu Wenfei enlightened both, but his tone eased a lot.
“Be forgiving and forgiving, Wen Fei not only has the ability, but also has a benevolent heart. In the future, Wen Fei will have great promise.” Old man Qiu looked at him and nodded in satisfaction.
The others from Qiujia e96e4a6c also nodded in agreement, waiting for the security guard to apologize.
At this time, the security guard had already raised his palm, just when everyone thought he was going to slap himself.
Who would have thought that the next moment, Chu Wenfei was slapped by the security guard and went away all the way after hearing a snap.
“Ciao, do you dare to hit me?”
Chu Wenfei was lying on the ground with his face covered, his whole body was dazed.
“You bastard, you are the one who beat you!”
“Kneeling to beg for mercy?”
“Slap in the face?”
“I’ll go to Nima!”
“A young child with a yellow mouth, who is not big, but he is not small.”
“You still dare to pretend to be Mr. Chu and mess up Mr. Shen’s major event, I think you don’t want to live!”
This security guard was obviously also a bloody man. The arrogant tone of Chu Wenfei just now undoubtedly angered him, and he slapped him directly in anger.
This sudden action trembled everyone.
Even if Qiu Muying on the side was shocked, Wang Qiaoyu was still shocked in his heart.
Everyone behind the Qiu family was even more dumbfounded.
“This this…”
“What’s the situation?”
Didn’t Mr. Shen invite the banquet himself?
Don’t you welcome Mr. Chu to come?
This Mr. Chu arrived, why was he still beaten?

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