A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 586

“Han City, I have already contacted Jingzhou.”
“Jingzhou Zhou’s Jewelry Group, three months ago because of the company’s poor experience, the capital chain has been broken. Now it is on the verge of bankruptcy.”
“Furthermore, after investigation, Liu Chuanzhi had been secretly serving as the rough consultant of Zhoushi Jewelry Group. Some time ago, he was involved in a workplace sexual assault scandal and was being secretly investigated by the Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau. The scandal happened in Zhou. Jewelry Group!”
“Want to go bankrupt?”
“Sexual assault scandal?”
Hearing this, everyone present was shocked.
“So, it’s all swollen?”
When Han Dongmin learned of all this, his expression became more and more ironic. When he heard that at the end, Han Dongmin’s face was almost drooping!
The palms are clenched, the fingertips are almost sinking into flesh and blood, and the whole person is not good.
The truth has become apparent since the development of the matter. Remember to read in one second
It’s all in!
The Zhou Group was on the verge of bankruptcy, and Liu Chuanzhi was controlled by others.
The two colluded with each other to be a pitfall!
All these things were said by Master Ye.
It can be said that if it were not for Master Ye, now Han Dongmin could not imagine what the consequences would be at this time?
At that time, it will be more than just being pitted two hundred million. Instead, go to jail yourself, sit in prison!
Just like Ye Fan said, if he does not listen to Liu Chuanzhi, he will only regret it for a while!
If you listen, you will regret it for life!
Thinking of this, Han Dongmin was in a cold sweat.
The whole body trembled, his feet were soft, he staggered, and the whole person almost fell to the ground.
“Han…Hanshi, are you…are you okay?” Assistant Meng Guang, Xiao Liu and others hurriedly came to help.
Han Dongmin waved his hand, and then sighed again and again: “Master, master~”
“Master Ye is the real master!”
“Without him, Han Dongmin, my life would be over~”
Han Dongmin’s body trembled, his eyes were red with excitement.
“It’s just a pity that Master Ye is such an expert, yet we are so insulted.”
“I feel ashamed in Han Dongmin’s heart, and I have no face to see people!”
“It’s us who have eyes but no pearls, our dogs look at people, and we are sorry for them~”
Han Dongmin kept talking, but he was full of regret.
Ye Fan was almost a great kindness to him.
Just now, I didn’t know whether to thank them or not, but I didn’t know what was good or bad, so I ordered them to be arrested and driven out.
Thinking of this, Han Dongmin was full of guilt and self-blame.
“I’m not ashamed of Han Dongmin in my whole life. But after today, I am afraid that in this life, I am sorry that Master Ye is also ashamed of others.” Han Dongmin sighed again and again, only feeling that this incident would be a regret in his life.
“Han Shi, don’t be so discouraged. We can go to Master Ye and apologize to Master Ye in person, asking for forgiveness.” Assistant Meng Guang persuaded.
But Han Dongmin shook his head: “This is a big Chinese, with more than one billion people, where can I find Master Ye to apologize?”
Hearing Han Dongmin’s words, everyone present also sighed: “Yes, the world is so big. Finding someone is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. It would be nice if someone between us knew Master Ye.”
Meng Guang and the others shook their heads and sighed. They only felt that it was too difficult to find a complete stranger without knowing anything.
However, as soon as Meng Guang’s words fell, Han Dongmin and the others were full of excitement, seeming to have thought of something.
For a time, there were more than a dozen eyes at the scene, but they all turned around, all falling on Han Shaojie who was hiding in the corner with a dull look.
Han Shaojie was a little dazed, standing there with his head drooping, feeling the eyes of everyone, suddenly filled with panic and doubt.
He had been playing games on his mobile phone just now, and he didn’t even listen to what Han Dongmin said.
Now all of a sudden, so many people looked at him, and Shaojie Han fe0f6943 was naturally a little panicked.
I thought, didn’t you cause trouble?
What does it all depend on him?
Is it because he was playing games on his mobile phone just now, not doing his job properly?

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