A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 587

On weekdays, Han Dongmin will attack him as soon as he sees him playing mobile games.
Therefore, now feeling the “sharp” gaze of everyone, Han Shaojie subconsciously believes that it must be his father’s unhappy playing with his mobile phone.
So, in fear, Han Shaojie lowered his head and said in a low voice: “Dad, I was wrong.”
Han Shaojie thought that his father’s curse would inevitably follow.
However, Han Shaojie did not expect that Han Dongmin actually said in a deep voice: “No, Shaojie, you are right, it is me who is wrong!”
At that time, Han Shaojie was stunned, wondering why his always strong father suddenly apologized to himself.
Is it the opposite?
Han Shaojie suddenly became more panicked, and said bitterly: “No, Dad, you’re right, it’s me.”
Han Dongmin: “No, son, you are really right. Dad is wrong.”
“Don’t, Dad. You’re really right, it’s me that is wrong, I am not doing my job properly.” Han Shaojie was so frightened that he almost cried, thinking that his father is making a fool of himself, he is beating him if he wants to be beaten, he is scolded if he is scolded. Don’t you play with your son like this? First URL m.
“Shaojie, it’s my dad’s fault~”
“No, Dad, it’s my fault!”
The people next to him were dumbfounded.
I thought this father and son are addicted to playing?
In the end, Han Dongmin lost his patience and slapped him over: “Shut up, I!”
“I said it was Lao Tzu’s fault, it was Lao Tzu’s fault!”
Han Shaojie was slapped in the face by his father. He was honest at the time, but he felt much better.
I thought, is this normal?
This is what his father should be.
But at this time, Han Dongmin continued to say: “Shaojie, I’m sorry. I misunderstood you, it was Dad who looked at people, and it was Dad who misunderstood your friend Master Ye.”
“You have to help Dad find him, and we have to apologize to Master Ye in person.”
“Besides, whether your dad’s disaster can pass, you have to rely on Master Ye.”
“You are my son, you must help me find him.”
Han Dongmin said softly, and his tone was much lower and calmer for Han Shaojie without the anger of hating iron and steel.
When Han Shaojie heard this, he understood completely.
After a long time, his father came to beg him to find Ye Fan.
“I dont go!”
“Who do you love?”
“I’m just an insignificant thing. I only make friends with friends, friends, and friends. I don’t know Master Ye?”
Han Shaojie also had a temper at the time.
After all, because of his filial piety, he finally invited Ye Fan to help. But the result? Didn’t you say that he was beaten, Ye Fan kindly came to help, but was eventually driven away?
“I said before that Brother Fan is a master of advanced people. You still don’t believe me. Now that I have driven people away, do you regret it? You think of me again?”
“When you treated the friends I invited in the same way, did you ever worry about your son’s face?”
When thinking of what happened just now, Han Shaojie was also full of anger.
Before, he was afraid that Han Dongmin would beat him, so he didn’t dare to say.
Now that Han Dongmin wanted to ask him, he simply said all the anger in his heart.
Ye Fan and Shen Fei were his friends after all and he invited them. But his father, Han Dongmin, ignored his son’s face, insulted the world in public, and used the armed police to drive people away.
This undoubtedly made Han Shaojie very faceless in front of his friends 5e3070aa.
He didn’t even have the face to see Ye Fan and the others now.

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