A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 588

Hearing Han Shaojie’s words, Han Dongmin was also full of guilt, bowed his head and said ashamed: “Shaojie, it is my father that is not good. It is all my fault. I misunderstood you and made you lose face in front of friends. .”
“Dad knew that he was wrong, so I wanted you to take me to find Master Ye, and let us apologize in public.”
“This is not only to save your face, but also to save your father’s career.”
“Son, your dad is really in trouble now, you can’t help but help.”
Rarely, Han Dongmin put down the mayor’s shelf and spoke to Han Shaojie with heartfelt words. Knowing it with affection and moving it with reason, I sent him this dad to cry and beg him.
“I’m not going!” Han Shaojie was still angry.
“Shaojie, do you have the heart?” Han Dongmin said bitterly.
Han Shaojie is still determined: “Don’t go!”
Han Dongmin slapped the past and sternly said: “Asshole thing, are you going?”
Han Shaojie covered his face, almost crying, and then she was counseled: “Dad, can’t I go?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“You bastard, say you don’t listen so nicely, you have to let me do it before you listen? You bastard just owe it.” Han Dongmin said angrily.
Afterwards, he forced his son to find Ye Fan.
However, Han Shaojie and Ye Fan didn’t know each other for a long time, and the only thing he knew about Ye Fan was through Shen Fei.
If you want to find Ye Fan now, you can only contact Shen Fei again.
But Shen Fei didn’t answer Han Shaojie’s call at all. It was obviously because of today’s things that he was angry with Han Shaojie.
There is no good way?
Han Shaojie could only continue to contact with a cheeky.
Finally, he even asked his father to come forward and contact Shen Jiuyi. Let Shen Jiuyi find Shen Fei again.
When Han Shaojie’s family was frantically looking for Ye Fan’s residence, Ye Fan, Lu Wenjing and others had already returned home.
“Brother Ye Fan, you are so amazing.”
“How do you see that the rough stone is scrap?” Along the way, Lu Wenjing recalled what had happened, but couldn’t help but admire.
After only a few days of getting along, Lu Wenjing has discovered that the brother-in-law she once despised was not as incompetent and mediocre as the Qiu family said.
On the contrary, Lu Wenjing felt that Ye Fan was particularly powerful and capable.
Not only can I see if the painting is true or false, but it can also tell the quality of the original stone.
Seeing the doubts written in the big bright eyes of little loli Lu Wenjing, Ye Fan rubbed her head and said indulgingly: “Quietly, in fact, your brother Ye Fan has bright eyes.”
“Back then, I watched your sister Qiu take a bath, and when I was found, I put it in a pressure cooker and burned it on a raging fire for seven or forty-nine days. Eventually, the iron pan exploded and the world changed drastically. Your sister Qiu failed to burn me to death, but returned Help me practice the magical skill of blazing eyes and golden eyes.”
“My eyes can not only distinguish between true and false, good and bad, but also insight into people’s hearts and see through to the future.”
Ye Fan said in a deep voice.
Lu Wenjing blinked, was stunned, and then laughed out with a chuckle.
The silver bell-like laughter is just like a spring breeze.
“Brother Ye Fan, you are really interesting.”
“Living with Brother Ye Fan and living together will definitely be fun too.”
“Before, I always thought it was worthless for Sister Qiu, but now, I start to think that Sister Qiu can marry you, maybe it is also a blessing for Sister Qiu?
Lu Wenjing looked up at her snow-white and immature face, but Ye Fan, who was idiotic, smiled happily.

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