A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 614

Hearing the voice coming from the microphone, the man’s laughter stopped abruptly, like a rooster pinched around his neck, his original arrogant old face sank.
The man frowned, and said coldly, “Da Biao, what’s the excuse?”
“No, you are not Da Biao, he never called me Mr. Zhou.”
“Say, who are you?”
“Why do you have Da Biao’s cell phone?”
“Where is Da Biao, let him answer the phone?”
“I order you to call Dabiao!”
The man was already angry and yelled at the phone in his hand.
I don’t know if it’s because of anger or fear.
Perhaps, from the moment he heard the other party’s voice, the man had a bad premonition in his heart. First URL m.
“Brother Zhou, you…you…what’s wrong with you?”
The man’s sudden anger was so scared that the woman in his arms turned pale, her pretty face turned pale.
“You are so special!”
However, where did the man care about her, he slapped the woman out, and then continued to shout into the phone, the voice was huge, almost hysterical.
“Speak, who are you?”
“Where is Da Biao?”
No one responded during the call.
After a long period of silence, there was a joking voice on the other side of the phone: “Why, Mr. Zhou, you have asked me to kill me, but now you can’t even hear my voice?”
“Or, you can hear it, but you dare not admit it?”
The faint words that were almost teasing came quietly from the microphone.
At that moment, Zhou Sheng was just as if thunder struck him, and his whole person was stunned.
“You…you are…”
“Ye… Ye Fan!”
His pupils shrunk, his expression trembled, and he felt as if he had seen a ghost.
“This…this…how is this possible?”
“No, no
can! ”
“I sent more than 20 people, you should be dead, you should be dead!”
“How could you still be alive?”
“Never possible!”
Zhou Sheng seemed to be crazy, he roared hysterically, and yelled at the other end of the phone.
Her hideous look almost frightened the woman next to her. She shrank in the corner and couldn’t help shaking because she was afraid that tears would flow out.
Ye Fan ignored him, Ren Zhousheng shouted there.
After a long time, after Zhou Sheng calmed down, Ye Fan’s calm and serene words came from the phone again.
“Don’t think you are back to Jingzhou, I can’t find you.”
“This is the first and last time.”
“Next time, mess with me and let you die!!!”
The calm words did not seem to contain any emotions.
However, it was such a plain tone that fell in Zhou Sheng’s ears, but it was almost powerful.
Senran’s cold words are like a call from hell.
With a boom, Zhou Sheng was shocked.
His face is as pale as paper!
The cold wind swept in, blowing along the wide open doors and windows.
The phone was hung up, and only the dull beep was left in Zhou Sheng’s ear.
However, Ye Fan’s words are always in Zhou Sheng’s mind, lingering.
“Provoke me again and let you die~”
“Let you die~~”
“Let you die~”
It is like the singing of death, and the roar of the devil.
Zhou Shengling froze in place, silent for a long time, his old face, pale as paper! ,
The next moment, it seemed that it was hard to withstand the fear in my heart, and with a bang, it was directly spread on the ground.
He couldn’t believe that more than twenty people couldn’t help him.
Ye Fan, who is he? ! ! !

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