A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 615

“Dad, what’s the matter?”
“what happened?”
“Why are you so panicked?”
On the streets of Yunzhou City, a black Audi car was racing wildly.
The orange light tore the darkness, and the deep roar echoed in the night sky of Yunzhou.
At this time, in the Audi car, Xiao Liu was driving, Han Dongmin was full of anxiety and solemnity, but Han Shaojie was puzzled, and he didn’t know what happened, why his father suddenly appeared so panicked.
“Shaojie, I am worried that something will happen to Master Ye.”
“Do you know that Zhou Sheng might have been released.”
Han Dongmin said anxiously.
Hearing this, Han Shaojie was shocked. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Dad, it’s only a few days now, why did you release Zhou Sheng?”
“This person dares to deceive you with others. He is so bold, even if he has been arrested for ten years. Why did you let him go so soon?”
Han Shaojie was puzzled and asked with a frown.
Han Dongmin sighed, “Shaojie, do you really think it is so easy to convict a person?”
“As far as I know, this is not the first time Sheng Keng deceived others. But for so many years, he is still at large. Do you know why?”
Han Dongmin paused, and did not wait for Han Shaojie to answer, and continued: “Behind Zhou Sheng this week, I am afraid that there is a big backstage.”
“I just caught him here, but Jingzhou didn’t know how to use it, and soon learned the news of Zhou Sheng’s arrest. I called back that night and asked us Yunzhou to hand Zhou Sheng to them The people in the state said they wanted Zhou Sheng to cooperate in investigating some cases in Jingzhou.”
“After all, Zhou Sheng is a person from Jingzhou this year, and the company is also established in Jingzhou. Now that there are important people in Jingzhou, we can’t hold back. However, I am worried that someone in Jingzhou will collude with Zhou Sheng and extradite. The staff is fake, and it’s the real thing to let him go, so I wanted to delay as much as possible for a few days, and pry Zhou Sheng’s mouth open first, so that he could explain more things. It will also make it easier to convict him in the future.”
“However, what I didn’t expect was. Jiang Hai, there were some people who pressured us in Yunzhou, so that we could not delay and hand them over immediately.”
“Therefore, under multiple pressures, Zhou Sheng was taken back to Jingzhou last night.”
“The land of Jingzhou is Zhou Sheng’s nest after all. He has worked hard for decades and let him go back. I am even worried that Zhou Sheng has been secretly released on bail today.”
Han Dongmin spoke slowly, but the worries over his expression became more intense.
When Han Shaojie listened, she couldn’t help raising her head, and asked: d457f71d, “Is my father worried that after winning this week, he will retaliate against Master Ye?”
“Yeah.” Han Dongmin nodded, “This week’s victory has been markedly marked, and coupled with this kind of rough business businessman, I am afraid that there are many contacts in both black and white.”
“Furthermore, Zhou Sheng is cruel, and the temperament will be repaid.”
“Master Ye said a few words before, but his plan fell short, and now he is ruined even more. I have to worry that if this kind of person has the opportunity, I am afraid that he will retaliate severely against Master Ye.”
“Before I said it was broken, because I was patronizing and drinking and forgot to remind Master Ye of this extremely important thing.”
“After all, if you don’t make it right, Master Ye will have life worry.”
“If Master Ye is implicated because of this, I, Han Dongmin, also feel ashamed.”

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