A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 616

Han Dongmin was full of dignity, and while speaking, he became more worried.
And Han Shaojie was also anxious: “Dad, let’s tell Brother Fan quickly. In the future, we’d better send a few people to protect Brother Fan, right?”
“After all, Brother Fan is an ordinary citizen who has no power to bind a chicken. If Zhou Sheng really takes revenge, how can Brother Fan stand it?”
Han Shaojie was also obviously aware of the seriousness of the matter, and quickly let the driver drive faster.
At the same time, Han Dongmin kept calling Ye Fan along the way.
However, no one answered it for a long time.
This undoubtedly made them even more worried.
Could it be that Ye Fan has already had an accident?
“Dad, call the police.” Han Shaojie paled and said to his father in fear.
This matter had nothing to do with Ye Fan. It was their family who implicated Ye Fan. If something happened to Ye Fan, even Han Shaojie himself would not forgive himself.
“Yeah.” Han Dongmin nodded, with an old face. At this time, it was also as deep as water. The worries in his heart were more serious than Han Shaojie. net
However, as soon as Han Dongmin’s words fell, Ye Fan’s faint voice came over the phone.
“Shaojie, it’s OK.”
Han Dongmin and his son were overjoyed at once, and then let out a long sigh of relief.
“Han Shi, I’m sorry, I just encountered a small incident, and I just saw it now. Is there anything?” Ye Fan said lightly.
“Master Ye, you are fine. Now, tell me where you are, and I will come and look for you immediately. I have important things and I must tell you face to face!” Han Dongmin said eagerly, his tone full Solemnly.
“Well. In that case, come to Liaoyang East Road, Lehua Barbecue City.”
“Okay, here we are!”
Han Dongmin immediately replied a good word, and then immediately asked the driver to turn around and head to Lehua BBQ City!
Han Dongmin and the others were near the barbecue city at this time, so after learning where Ye Fan was, they rushed over in a few minutes.
When he got out of the car, Han Dongmin saw Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing sitting at the dining table. Without saying anything, they hurried in their direction.
“Master Ye, I finally found you. I have something to do with you…”
Han Dongmin said eagerly as he trot.
However, the black light was blind, Han Dongmin just looked at Ye Fan, and didn’t pay attention to his feet. Before he finished speaking, he didn’t know what he had kicked, and he tripped over with a cry.
Not only Han Dongmin, but even Han Shaojie, who ran all the way behind him, didn’t pay attention to his feet. He tripped and fell into a shit.
“Oh, shit!”
“What does the owner of this shop do? Does he put things on the floor?”
“Sorry pen?”
Han Shaojie clutched his waist and cursed, grinning in pain.
However, when he looked down and wanted to see what was tripping him under his feet, with a thud, Han Shaojie was stunned.
It’s human!
People in the yard!
Dozens of big men, all lying on the ground like waste dogs.
Some vomited blood and groaned, some rolled and wailed, and some remained motionless and passed out directly.
“This…7a352702 This…”
The two of Han Shaojie and his son were almost scared to urinate, and only felt that their scalp was numb.
Had it not been for the four characters Lehua BBQ on the big sign in front, Han Dongmin and the others would have thought that they had entered the burial post by mistake! !

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